Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

Storms, adventure, the silvery light, just another April morning in Texas at 3 am, as lightning split the sky, thunder crashed from the heavens and the house shook at the sheer, board-quaking fury of it. Well, it woke me up, I can tell you. A few hours later it was time to walk Blue PsyOp and get the show on the road, Easter Day style.

We strolled by the Meth Shack, the Pick 'n Steal and then back to base and picked up a server. He helped set up for Mass on the front steps of Mission #1. It went well,  the people staying in their cars at the curb of the thing. Next step?

Drive to the lake. No, not on some kind of fishing expedition, this was all about the second Mass, celebrated in the car park of Mission #2. It went well under a pop-up, though the audio part of "AV" was annoyingly imperfect. 

No matter, the Sacrament was confected, the people fed and there it was, Christus Surrexit. We even had a cop to make sure no one got rowdy or outta line. He used to run Dallas SWAT, good man. Carries a SIG, curiously.

Then, mission accomplished, I visited some churchpeople for lunch. What a good crew, descendants of Ranch 101 and rodeo stars to boot. Consensus 'round the table was that China's made an act of war, and that we should kick their butt 'round the block and six ways to sideways. Like no dam foolin. 

Here's the thing. Hitler and the Rising Sun mistook US forbearance for weakness. Big error, right, so watch out, Xi. Keen-eyed readers will note a ChiCom ship caught fire in dock the other day. Sorry, does this lack NYT CCP nuance?

Happy Easter! In Christ we have the Victory,



LL said...

It sounds as though you had an interesting and enjoyable Easter with Blue Body Guard handy in case things got out of hand.

I think that this has been the most unusual Easter that I've experienced. When He comes again, it will be more interesting but that seems to be off in the future. How far, nobody is willing to say.

drjim said...

Happy Easter, Parson! sure would be a darn shame if a bunch of ChiCom ships sprung leaks, wouldn't it?

Adrienne said...

Such a weird day. Watched the Easter vigil last night (pre-1955) which went on, and on, and on, and on (all 12 prophecies chanted in Latin.)

Then Easter day Mass at 9:30.

I like what you did way better. It looks like it was a beautiful day, LSP.

And then after dinner I watched Road to Perdition. Not sure what prompted me to watch that. You have any idea? It was very good.

My friend, Mary Lynn, is still lingering. I was thinking she would go to her reward today. Yesterday, not long after I left her, they thought she had a stroke, but now they're not sure. She's semi-comatose, and hopefully in no pain since she is on a fentanyl pump.

It looks like your Sunday was productive and happy and that makes me glad.

God bless...

Kid said...

Can't find it on youtube. Too old a scene I guess.

Star Trek. Doctor McCoy "Good always wins Jim, but Good must be very very careful"

Kid said...

LL - As long as Tommy keeps playing the Earth will be allowed to exist.

LSP said...

It went well, LL, and the people liked it. I probably wouldn't have done the same thing in Dalls/Fort Worth but the contagion's non-existent in Bosque county and very small in Hill. That, plus people being in their vehicles seems safe enough.

But yes, what a strange Easter. We haven't seen anything like it, of course. How much longer are states like Texas going to stay shut?

LSP said...

Thanks, drjim, you too! As for the ship... well, looked like quite a fire.

LSP said...

Adrienne, the pre-55 Vigil is LONG. I applaud your liturgical stamina... Our outdoor Masses went well and for sure, better than the virtual thing which most of our churches are doing. Per above, I think it works in the country but I'd have second thoughts if I was in the 'sprawl.

Must watch Road to Perdition!

Prayers for Mary Lynn.

LSP said...

"Bones" did have a way with words, Kid. Outstanding Tommy!

Kid said...

I must have watched this one from Tommy 100 times and still still see new stuff. There is a lot going on there. :) Course, I'm a guitar wannabe.

infidel de manahatta said...

I hope you had a great Easter. Here in the liberal holy city of New Yor k I had to live stream Easter mass.

And stop calling it "quarantine." No one is quarantined. We are in a lockdown. For our own good of course.

God bless our ruling class.