Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Slave March

Are we a nation of slaves or free men? Serfs and peons ruled over by bought and paid for hypocritical, canting, lying, Subzero fridge, Millionaire Socialist shills? Or something else?  Free men, hopefully.

I like this, by the Mikhailovsky Theatre Orchestra. Note Imperial Anthem from 6:06 and 9:22.

Busy livin' the dream,



LL said...

Slav is the base word for "Slave".

Adrienne said...

Trying to be free here in Idaho.

I went to the store rather late (after 11 am) and it was crowded with all sorts of zombies with rags on their faces. I just sashayed about with my bare face and gloveless hands smiling and doing a splendid job of not smacking anyone.

My favorite employee insisted on taking my cart to the car and we were laughing ourselves silly at the stupidity of people. The assistant manager was also following me about and smirking too. Score!

On to the Dollar Store and another favorite employee who shared my mirth.

They all made it worthwhile!

Jim said...

I've always liked that particular piece.

gL said...

The Tchaik opus 31 is titled in reference to its French pronunciation “Marche Slave” and is intended therefore as a “Slavic March” (it sounds musically Slavic, doesn’t it?) It has nothing to do with slavery or deep-state cabals, or any other such fictions. What with your unusual obsession w Russia I thought it best to point this out.

LSP said...

That, LL, is a very good point.

LSP said...

Glad you had fun, Adrienne! I unloaded a truck at the food bank today and had to wear a mask thing, I didn't wear it when I did a quick shop at our dystopic Walmart to pick up some wine.

LSP said...

I like it a lot, Jim, and I like the conductor's who's obviously living in 1911!

LSP said...

GL, you'll notice the word slave is etymologically cognate with "slav" (see LL above).

A free men is able to defend himself, unlike the miserable slave. So well done on that Mossberg.