Thursday, June 2, 2016

Storms Rock Texas

We were warned by our Commander-in-Chief, yes, warned, but took no heed. Texas refused to pay its carbon tax and play its part in the life and death War on Weather. Complacency slipped in, and this is the result.

The Commander

Thunder, lightning, incessant, relentless rain and fierce winds, all combining to make this the storm of the century. 31 counties have been declared disaster zones by Governor Greg Abbott and still the water continues to rise.

The Bricks

Rain is set to fall all week, bringing not only record breaking floods but also a plague of snakes, insects and floating trash.

The Road

Here, in this small farming community, we watch from high ground and the roofs of our homes as the rain pounds down, and stand ready, razor sharp kukris in hand and shotguns chambered, for the snakes.

The Dam

Lake Whitney dam holds, for now.


1 comment:

LL said...

The DLC could stop the rain from falling by their mere presence. But we don't want to....

Because it's fun to shoot snakes with shotguns.