Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sorry, Globalist Elites, You Lose

I know, you're sitting there inside the Beltway, drinking a Gimlet in the club chair while a servant polishes your tasseled loafers, and you're thinking, "So what, LSP, if you caught some ridiculous bait fish?" 

The Team's on Point

Good question, and here's the answer. It's true, I may have been holding down the Compound and getting in some down-and-dirty-by-the-dam fishing, but that doesn't mean the Team hasn't been busy elsewhere.

Sorry, Elites. You Lose

And look here, all you Ivy League, gravy train elitists, a fish is a fish. Especially when they're a Redfish. So don't scorn the Team.

Tight Lines,



LL said...

I'm not familiar with Redfish. Are they a type of carp? Definitely big.

LSP said...

I think they're a saltwater species of rockfish, but I've never caught one. I'd like to!

Adrienne said...

Dinner for six. What time?

LSP said...

I've heard rumors, Adrienne, that LL's holding a celebratory feast when his new compound's operational.

BillB said...

Redfish are a species of Drum.

LSP said...

Thanks, Bill.