Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is Joni Mitchell a Devil Witch? Survey Results.

Joni Mitchell, Devil Witch?

A recent opinion poll shows that most people think that the once famous singer songwriter, Joni Mitchell, is a Devil Witch. 

Definitely a Devil Witch

Out of a representative sample of 24 persons, a large majority of 16 respondents thought that Joni Mitchell was either "Probably a Devil Witch" or "Definitely a Devil Witch." A further 6 persons were unsure if the singer was a "Devil Witch" or not and a small minority of 2 persons thought that she was "Not a Devil Witch."

Trending Bad

Unsolicited comments to pollsters included, "she plays the dulcimir, nuff said" and "I never trusted her!" One respondent answered the survey questionnaire in code: DEMIC. Service CAPE. 4 TINE.

Don't hang out with that deadbeat, Joni

Known for hit singles, such as "Coyote", in which Mitchell sings about "white lines" and sex, the pop star was allegedly inspired by a "spirit guide", or "cosmic being," that some sources claim she referred to as "Art." In one of her pop hits, Mitchell refers darkly to "paradise" being "paved" in order to "put up a parking lot."


Was Mitchell inspired by a demon called Art? Is she a Devil Witch? The polls are still open.

You decide.



Third News said...

Perhaps there is forgotten link but I don't know what to make of this one.

OTOH, is this a subtle reference to the administration's initiative to discuss Obamacare over Thanksgiving dinner? ;-)

LSP said...

perhaps you've cracked the code!

Third News said...

Well it wasn't difficult; the way things are progressing we will all end up suffering from cacodemomania and need Obamacare ;-)

LSP said...

That's a very good point, 3rd News.

More poll results have come in and I hate to say it, but things are trending badly for Joni.

Well, she was warned, "Don't you hang out with that Nash person, eh?"

Third News said...

She's the type of girl who will lose eight years of her life, and then ask why not one of her friends failed to warn her -but there was a in fact, and a sign, sign everywhere a sign, and 42 gardyloos

LSP said...

Exactly, 3rd news.

Anonymous said...

Joni Mitchell is just a talented musician. In the 1970's it was all about witchcraft making it's debut, in the 70's long skirts were in and everyone burned candles and incense ( that was witchy enough for most Bible thumpers) candles and incense...OMG, surely they're witches. I was a teenager in the 70's and I still burn my candles and incense. Bible thumpers always want to throw the suspicion onto someone else because of their own hypocrisy, that way you won't be paying attention to what they're doing... funny.