Thursday, November 21, 2013

VCC & The Motorcycle Hippies

Motorcycle Hippies

Here at the Compound we're always on the lookout for interesting stories, like when a member of one of the Missions was driving across his ranch and saw a commotion in his stock tank. "What's this?" thought the Veteran Crew Chief (VCC), as he drove up for a closer look.

Goofing Off

It was hippies, motorcycle hippies, who'd somehow found their way onto his land, out of their clothes and into the tank. VCR got out of his truck and he just might have cranked a round in his short barreled pistol grip pump. You never know, better safe than sorry when you're looking at a whole tank full of motorcycle hippies.

Getting Dirty

Then, like a prehistoric monster emerging from the primeval slime, the leader of the hippies climbed out of the brackish water. My irenic friend told him they were "welcome to swim but this tank is known 'round here for its snakes." The hippies fled.

Trashing Someone's Land

So just who were these hippies? Most likely some crew chancing it out of Austin; they probably figured they'd trash someone's land for a few days before moving on. Hippies notoriously destroy farmland. Good thing they were caught before it got out of hand!

Born to ride,


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