Sunday, November 24, 2013

Denver Airport Satanic?

Denver Devil Horse

Modern air travel, in the U.S. at least, is bad enough without being confronted by satanic, New World Order symbolism, like at Denver International Airport.

Airport Demon

Arrivals at the airport are greeted by an evil apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes, statues of demon possessed luggage and murals of people worshiping some kind of hallucinogenic plant.


Masons built the place, apparently, and some speculate that it's designed as a command and control center for the upcoming dictatorship of the stratospherically wealthy over everyone else. Speaking of which, the well known singer and Illuminati witch, Beyonce, was booted off a pyramind tour by Zahi Hawass. Why?

Downright Rude

For being "rude" and "stupid".

Hunh. Let's get Hawass onto Piers Morgan.

Kick out the jams.



LL said...

Anyone who has tried to make a connection at Denver Airport in under about an hour will agree that the devil designed the place.

LSP said...

Exactly, LL. The place is clearly evil.

lukeya said...

I gather Padre, that the Goat of Mendes was responsible in particular for the legendary baggage handling system, and the fact that the airports is in fact nowhere near Denver...

LSP said...

I know, Lukeya, it's all very suspicious. Notice too that the runway system is eerily reminiscent of a giant... Swastika.

As if flying in the States wasn't scary enough.