Monday, November 18, 2013

Get That Franchi Instinct

Franchi Instinct L

GWB tipped up at the compound yesterday and before you could say "Archbishop Justin Welby's an Oil Shark!", there was an over and under on the mahogany. My philisophical friend had cleverly gone out and bought a Franchi Instinct L 20 gauge, and who can blame him?

Young Sharky

We took it out for a test drive today, rambling about in search of rabbits, who sensibly stayed under cover, and then slinging a box or so of skeet, country style. Just a lot of explosive fun and good practice. 

Old Sharky

I shot reasonably well, once I remembered to aim... and GWB was knocking the clays out of the air like a good 'un. But how did the Franchi perform? I took a couple of breaks from my cheap, but hey it works, Mossberg 835 Ulti Mag pump to find out.

Prince of Wales grip

I enjoyed shooting this gun; it's light, at 6.5 Ilbs, and comes quickly to the shoulder and to target.  I thought it looked good too, with traditional styling, case hardened finish on the receiver and no gaps between metal and wood. That said, the wood of the buttstock sits proud to the receiver by a millimeter or so, but I felt this was balanced out by well-defined, deeply cut checkering and A grade walnut furniture. Not a bad looking gun, but did it work?

dove feast

For sure, the Instinct functioned flawlessly over several hours of pretty much continuous shooting, with no misfires, failure to eject or mechanical problems. So that's alright then, but would I buy one? If I was looking for an over and under shotgun that costs $1149, yes, I think I would. 

The gun looks good, handles well and if you don't get carried away and forget to aim, it's perfectly capable of knocking the opposition out of the sky. Granted, it's not a $2000 plus firearm, but whoever said it was?

Shoot straight,



LL said...

Fine gun.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Archbishop of Elf Aquitaine? The one who worked in the finance department of a company at what was at the time described as "the largest fraud in European history"? Oily worked in west Africa in the mid-1980s when Elf were bribing their way across the continent. That is right, mid-1980s West Africa - Aids, Blood Diamonds, Bokassa, death squads and very large bribes from western countries like France screwing the local governments.

Today the Archbishop is campaigning against homophobic bulling in church schools. So it is okay to work for a company that robs whole countries, but don't you dare use the term 'gay' in the play ground. Really sums up the modern Anglican church - a world turned upside down!

LSP said...

I really enjoyed shooting it, LL. Note to self -- get an O/U, maybe I'll save up for the Instinct.

LSP said...

"Archbishop of Elf Aquitaine"? Might have to quote you, Anonymous.

But hey, don't be mean in the school gayground.