Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obamamcare Crony Capitalists Run Wild

can't pay won't pay

Vicious rumours that Obamacare is nothing less than crony capitalism run wild are manifestly untrue as Insurance Behomeths get a free ride on the backs of uninsured citizens and everyone else.

I don't have to pay!

Here's Zero Hedge:

"The cheapest plan now has a deductible of $6350! Before it was $150. Employees making $9 to $10/hr, have to pay $30/wk and have a $6350 deductible!!! What!!!! They can't afford that to be sure. Obamacare will kill their propensity to seek medical care. More money for less care? How does that help them? ...It all seems like a joke. How can this be the new system? Pelosi, pass the bill to find out what's in it? Surprise! You've annihilated the working class."


And here's some figures from Forbes (worth the read). As of October, shares in CIGNA were up 63%, Wellpoint 47% and United healthcare 28%.

The best bit about it all is that the poor get fined for not signing on to Government mandated healthcare that they can't afford anyway. Nice.

Insurance Company Jet

Remember, the Government is your friend. Especially if you're on the Executive of an Insurance Company.

And lest we forget, our Overlords in the Government don't have to pay the new health tax. They're exempt, or at least play by a different set of rules; one law for the rich, another for the poor? Surely not.


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