Monday, April 23, 2012

St. George for England

Today is the Feast of St. George, Patron Saint of England. He shares that title with St. Edmund and Edward the Confessor, interestingly, and appears to have been a soldier martyr during the reign of Diocletian. Richard the Lionheart consecrated his crusading army to the saint and his Feast, along with its allegorical symbolism and legend, grew to chivalric proportions in late medieval England. 

gun dog
I celebrated the day by slaying my own dragons -- shooting offhand at a steel plate turkey and a steel plate ram at 100+ yards. A 30-06 drilled right through these wicked adversaries, .223 made a crack thwack against them and the lowly .22 seemed to burst on impact. Fun, and good practice to get on target without relying on a rest of some sort.

All for England and, of course, Texas.

St. George pray for us.



Silverfiddle said...

Today, St George would find himself on the bad end of the EPA and the UN for killing an endangered species!

LSP said...

He would, and he rescues a virgin princess so he'd be banned from our "schools" for reinforcing oppressive gender stereotypes.

lukeya said...

Not that he'd find any Virgin Princesses in any school near me...;-)

LSP said...

Well, er, I'm sure that's true, ahem, Lukeya.