Friday, April 20, 2012

Sporterizing the Lee Enfield - Porch Project Pt. VII

In bits
After a lot of sanding, I managed to finish the old walnut butt stock of the Mk. III. I used the "wet sanding method", in which a fine slurry of thinned oil/lacquer (Minwax Antique Oil in this case) and wood dust is produced by sanding with the grain then wiped gently across the grain. This fills the 'pores' in the wood. The stock is then left to cure for 24 hours or more and... you do it all over again. I found these instructions helpful.

Are we there yet...
There were times when I wondered, apocalyptically, if the grain would ever fill up; a recalcitrant bit of timber. But it did in the end and I polished the thing to 2000 grit, giving it a satin luster. 

That'll do
A lot of work, but I wanted the practice before ordering a new semi-inlet stock set and you never know, it might be good to keep the original military butt. Next step? Bluing the metal; I'm inclined towards a rust blue. More on that later.

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