Friday, April 13, 2012

Piers Morgan, Our Problem

Piers Bans Witch
As I was driving off well before first light to say Mass, my not so smart phone bleeped at me, so I compulsively fired up the email. There was a message from an English reader, taking me to task for suggesting that Piers Morgan be shipped back to the land from whence he came.

This was, he thought, uncharitable of me and possibly unchristian. Piers is our problem, here in the States, suggested the email.

On reflection, I see that my electronic friend was right. Old England has plenty of problems as it is without adding to the burden by sending Piers back. It would be unfair of us to launch the jowly, smug, limo-lib, most hated man in journalism popular media superstar back at Blighty.

We have to deal with the Morgan issue here. In the United States. I was wrong. 

I apologise.

That is all.



Adrienne said...


Don't you love it when people confuse being Christian with being a mealy-mouthed coward?

P.S. Does your blog look completely different or am I having a breakdown?

LSP said...

Exactly, Adrienne. Whatever happened to the Church Militant?

You're quite sane -- I gave the blog a makeover.