Monday, April 9, 2012

A Curious Thing.

Taurus' take on Beretta
Come Easter Monday and, if you're me, it's time for some R&R. So I drove back to the Dallas compound, grilled hamburgers for a few friends and browsed Bachman Pawn and GunBPG is on North West Highway and has a good rep, evidently, with Law Enforcement and shooters generally. More of a handgun  shop than anything else, but there were a few Beretta shotguns on the wall.

After checking out the pistols (I want a "9" and a .22) I cast a beady eye at the shotguns. They weren't cheap, over and unders mostly, coming in at around 3k. But here's the thing -- their "hand rubbed" finish was OK, but only just. You could see a fair bit of open grain on the butt and forends.

I was surprised. At 3k you're not going to get at 10k gun, but still, you'd think the grain on the stock would be filled, at least. 

just fill the grain, LSP
This inspires me with confidence for my own project guns.

More of that later. In the meanwhile, check out BPG if you want a Dallas pistol alternative to Rays. Less comedic gunnishness from the staff (whaddaya mean you don't want an AR? Aren't you a Patriot, dammit?!), which is a minus, but better prices and selection. Just don't go there looking for a big selection of rifles, or, er, properly finished shotguns.

Keep pulling the trigger,



Adrienne said...

I'm heading over to our local shooting range, conveniently located 5 minutes from our house, to check out some Taurus' (Taurii?) for myself. All our handguns are pretty big for me.

I used to have a Colt detective special that I dearly loved. Wish I still had it. Sigh...

Hope your Easter day was wonderful and you didn't overwork. Busy day for you guys ;-)

Mattexian said...

I had a Taurus 9mm for a while (the PT-92AF), that I sold and used the money to buy myself something that I wanted more, a CZ-82, in it's 9mm Makarov. For whatever reason, the Taurus didn't fit my hand that well, while the CZ does. (I joke that I must have "Czech hands" from my mom's side of the family. This and the CZ-52 both are natural pointers in my hand.)

LSP said...

Happy Easter Adrienne!

I like the sound of that 5 min drive; I have to motor off a little further. But the range is private (belongs to a parishioner), which is a plus.

Taurus seems to make a decent pistol, but everyone seems to recommend Glock 17s, XDs, or Beretta -- in 9mm.

But give the Taurii a go. Be interesting to see what you think.

God bless.

LSP said...

I like those CZs, Mattexian.

Oh no. Now I have to buy another gun...

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

hard work paying off already

LSP said...

my thoughts entirely, Bushwacker.