Friday, April 27, 2012

Shoot the .22

I love guns and I love to shoot, it's as simple as that. So here's a quote from Bob Owens via pajamasmedia; he's in favor of new shooters entering the fray with a .22. 

"I’m suggesting you’ll learn faster, and often without imparting many bad habits you have to overcome later, if you learn your fundamentals with a .22 handgun. It’s all about the fundamentals. Even advanced courses boil down to learning to use the fundamentals more efficiently to promote accurate shooting. As former Delta Force operator and noted weapons trainer Larry Vickers has noted: “Speed is fine. Accuracy is final.”

If your goal is to learn to use a long-arm for anything other than wingshooting, I’m going to make a similar, and unsurprising, recommendation. Semi-automatic or bolt-action (your preference) .22 LR rifles are a ridiculously inexpensive entry into firearms ownership, with decent quality new rifles retailing for $200 or less, and used rifles for even less than that. Unlike most other rifles, rifles chambered in .22 LR are also welcome on many “pistol only” ranges that don’t have the ability to safely contain centerfire rifles. Again, practice is key. So where do you get the training you need in order to learn the fundamentals?"

I couldn't agree more. The .22 is great value at every level.

Get out there and shoot!



Anonymous said...

I agree the .22 is perfect for entry level shooters to learn on.

LSP said...

I think so too and, to be honest, spend a lot of shooting time with the .22 because it's cheap and you can shoot all day with it. Hours of fun and it keeps marksmanship skills up.

Silverfiddle said...

I love the powerful boom of my .357, but I must agree with the good Parson. The humble .22 is a great weapon for beginners or aficionados for all the reasons he mentions (I have both rifles and pistols of that variety).

LSP said...

Must get myself a .22 pistol, Silverfiddle... well, and lots of other guns besides. .357 has a certain ring of truth.