Monday, October 17, 2011

Front Office Rodeo

Not that you'd know it from browsing through this "site" but Lonestarparsonism does involve some work. There's the pastoralia that any clergyman should be about and the daily affair of running two missions. I say Morning Prayer ('28 BCP) then set up on the front porch with laptop, phone, coffee and gun. Then streams of people come by; I find that far more gets done that way than by skulking off, out of sight, at a desk. A lot of priests seem to do that and I'm not sure why. Perhaps they're scared of the people which is unfortunate, given the nature of the calling.

But it's not all about taking care of business on the front porch office. Sometimes it's about going to Waco for rodeo events.

These pictures didn't come out too well but maybe they give an idea of the speed and intensity of the thing. I enjoy the broncs and barrel racing - remarkable to watch the women run around the barrels then fly for the finish. 

Then there's bull riding. A whole different level of dangerous and mad; there's that moment when the rider's on the ground and the bull's surging like fury. Where are the hooves going to land? Get away! Jaw dropping. 

Champion Team Ropers
Big thanks to Bud for the box tickets. Makes me want to ride Western. 

God bless,



darlin said...

LSP in my opinion the world needs a lot more clergymen just like you. You seem very approachable, generally I'd be too intimidated to approach... maybe not as much these days, but in the past not a hope I would have approached a man of the cloth. You're down to earth and real, that's what I like about you!

And may God bless and be with you as well. Have a wonderful day!

LSP said...

Those are very kind words, Darlin.

I'm sure there's several good clergymen in Edmonton; don't be intimidated!

God bless.

Third News said...

I can't reconcile the presence of a gun during your morning coffee, and reading ritual -then again, you may get a ton of Jehovah Witnesses in your neck of the woods, and though I am pro 2nd Amendment, I'd never own a gun as the temptation to wing the bastards would be great.

I confess I'm stealing the picture -it explains Texas all to well

LSP said...

I think I was cleaning the pistol by way of displacement activity.

JWs? What a crew.