Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Like Malone Texas

No Rent?

Now that I have a horse out by Malone I thought you might enjoy some pictures. The place was founded by Germans and is named after William Malone, President of the International Great Northern Railroad at the turn of the last century. The town owed its existence to the intersection of the of the IGN and the BVR (Brazos Valley Railroad) in 1903 and did well, in a small way. Success seems short-lived, as the town declined from  the '30s on. 279 people live there, according to the 2000 census. Read about it here.

Post Office & the Frog
I like Malone, it has a Post Office and many Saloons.

Pair O'Dice
But why the saloons? I counted the Whiskey River, Pair O'Dice, and The Frog. All of them seemed like pretty useful places but how did they get there? Maybe the Germans stopped the place going dry and held the Temperance beast in check.

Walling Owned
Why is it that Christians, of all people, would try and ban drink? Especially "Bible Christians" -- what about the Last Supper, or that awkward Miracle in Cana bit? They say, of course, that our Lord turned the water into non-alcoholic grape juice. 

Mesquite & Hickory Street
Out of loyalty to the Gospel I must find a designated driver and check out Pair O'Dice, the Whiskey and the Frog. 




Mattexian said...

Cool little Texas town you found there! Looks like somewhere nice to retreat from modern "civilization." I've got most of my mom's family near there, in West, Waco, Temple, and surrounding areas. As much as being in/near a big city is convenient, there's something that calls me back to a place like that, away from the screaming masses.

LSP said...

It's an interesting place, Mattexian, and there's a few other towns near there that are worth checking out.

I couldn't agree more - getting away from the "screaming masses" is important. I like the space and freedom of being out of the city.

Its been a blessing for me.

I'll try and post an "series" on small Texas towns. They're singular.