Friday, October 14, 2011

New Hippies, Same Old story

It begins simply, almost harmlessly. First they find a "cause" to "stick it to the man" with love. Perhaps they draw stuff.

But not for long.

Kick that tarp!
Soon they find a park to live in, which they trash. 

It's Wall Street's fault
After a while they take their clothes off. Then it turns into this.

And this.

Loyal Americans, you have been warned.



Katheryn Lane said...

Glad you finally got JB to her new home, despite the long trek. What happened to the dog?

Hippies are an odd lot. They think that just because they loaf about camping and being dirty that they represent the 'voice' of the masses - very foolish

LL said...

The hippie movement was the same 'turn on, tune in, drop out' group of shiftless wastrels.

As you said - same old story.

LSP said...

The dog stayed with us all the way - remarkably. We dropped her back off at her farm on the way back. Loyal beast.

Hippies. Longhaired thieving layabouts.

LSP said...

"Shiftless wastrels" -- I like that LL.

Like Bonaparte's Frenchmen they have a habit of "coming on in the same old way"...

What a crew.

Julie Culshaw said...

we mustn't underestimate what is happening though. These may appear to be unwashed ne'er do wells. But remember the outcome of the hippie movement of the 60's. Free love, breakdown of families, lots of abortion. So what will these guys bring? the results could be far-reaching.

LSP said...

Alright there Julie.

We must be thankful that "freak power" isn't the force it used to be.

Bloody hippies.

Greg Tingey said...

Could be worse.
Just put the Koch brothers in power ....

LSP said...

Ah yes GT, the good old Kochs.

Well they shouldn't be selling to Iran, for starters. And, just because they're not hippies doesn't necessarily make them good.


Katheryn Lane said...

Hippies - they do a lot of loitering without intent. E.g. in New York, what exactly are their intentions? Is there an actual plan as such?

LSP said...

Their plan's pretty simple - "stick it to the man."

I think they want money too, which I guess they'll all get when they graduate from college and get jobs on Wall Street.

Then again, there might not be any jobs on Wall Street if our current fiscal woes continue.

So maybe they'll just become "teepee people" and make their money from panhandling.

"Gotanysparechangeman?" etc.

Greg Tingey said...

They are not "anti-capitalist"
They are anti-corporatist.
At the risk of Godwin violation.
Remember the position of Ford & GM (Opel) in Nazi Germany, and IG Farben, etc...
The bog corprations in the US (& elsewhere) is becoming similar.
I think the protestors might have a point, even if they are putting it across very badly.

LSP said...

The best thing about our corporations, GT, is their probity.

But drum circles and hippy tomfoolery aren't going to solve anything...

Greg Tingey said...


Like News Corporation and the Murdochs you mean?

Pull the other one!

LSP said...

just a bit of low level sarcasm on my part, GT. Glad to see you're a Murdoch fan.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I used to work downtown and I liked that park. Nice place to hang out and have a hot dog and a coke during a quick lunch. Of course the hippies have trashed it. I feel sorry for the people who have to live around the park (constant damn drumming) and the businesses that are losing customers from Wall Street because of the occupiers.

LSP said...

The incessant drumming must be a nightmare. Hippies...