Friday, October 28, 2011

SS Simon & Jude

wake up and open the church, LSP
It's the Feast of Saints Simon and Jude today and I celebrated Mass at a church in Dallas at the old school time of 6.45 a.m. I do this every Friday so the resident priest can have a "day off." It's an impressive set up and makes for a good break from the country - the place always reminds me of the Army, for some reason.

But regardless, the books assure us that we don't know very much about Simon and Jude, except that they were Apostles who found martyrdom in Persia. There's plenty of that going on right about now.

Yusuf Nadarkhani
You might say a prayer for the Iranian Christians, especially those who convert from The Religion of Peace. 

God bless,



Greg Tingey said...

I'd agree, for completely different reasons of course.
One's belief in non-existent invisible sky fairies is YOUR business.
It isn't the states.
And, of course, the "Iranian" guvmint's atiitude to someone who only recites the first line of the "exordium" isn't going to be friendly, either!

{ "La il'allah" - there is no god - oops }

LSP said...

"non-existent invisible sky fairies" has a certain military ring to it GT. But whatever, glad to see your theology's going full steam ahead.

I was surprised to read about the number of converts to Christianity in Iran - the ayatollahs are presumably hoping to stem the tide...

God bless.

Liz A said...

Not sure about Iran, but I know that the 1st Iraqi Anglican priest was recently ordained in Baghdad. I pray he won't meet the same fate as 3 Catholic priests who were shot during mass last Nov in Baghdad. Keep them all in your prayers.

LSP said...

I certainly will Liz.

God bless.