Friday, October 7, 2011

Bearded Head

It's not easy, living in the frozen North of our continent, so the head of LSP Research Canada has decided to grow a beard. It has a touch of gray, which I think is fine, and he assures me that it's going to grow till after Christmas, because of the extreme cold that you face while working on the Canadian railways.

He also has bikes, which I like but won't get. Why? Because I have enough on my hands dealing with a trailer-shy horse and have to save the stipend to get a 4x4 pickup. 

Back in the olden days my motorcyclist friends thought I should get a "Beeza", though I never did. I like old Brit bikes.

In other news, Hippies are trying to take over Wall Street. They're living in a park, evidently, and can't be evicted because it's private, which strikes me as odd.

According to CBS New York, "sanitary conditions" in the hippy's park "have reached unacceptable levels."

Well go figure.




darlin said...

You have a smart researcher LSP, it's so cold in our North I'm even thinking of growing a beard! lol I'm interested in going to read the article about the hippies, sound like the tent city the homeless erected in Edmonton, they however were evicted.

Nice bike! I have a soft spot for bikes... one day I just might have to get me one!

Have a fantastic weekend!

LSP said...

It does get cold in Canada and Alberta winters are particularly fierce. Maybe a "full set" is one way to survive them; my colleague can do a performance review as the snow sets in.

They are good bikes -- I like the Norton. You should get one but don't fall off!

Have a great weekend.

Katheryn Lane said...

How's the horse getting on? In the trailer yet?

Hippies have never been known for their sanitation . . .

LSP said...

Hippies - what a crew.

See next post for horse news KL.


Greg Tingey said...

I have a very long beard .....

Bikes, well, Triumh are still manufacturing. One of my regular country pubs seems to host occasional unofficial bike-gatherings. I've seen three Velocettes, a Matchless, two Triumphs and a Norton there, one day!

Wall Street.
Well, hate to tell you, but they are correct.
The Us is becoming (has become) a corporate state, for the benefit of the corporations, and no-one else.
It is emphatically NOT capitalism.
Look uo the latest scandal involving the vile R. Murdoch, for instance.

LSP said...

I like the look of the "new" Triumphs, GT.

Beards? Well, they do have a certain Texas Ranger, cavalry appeal.

Not in favor of greed either, whether it's on Wall Street or anywhere else. But what are the hippies going to do? Catch a "social disease" in their park? Thieve off one another? Not wash? Bring the worldwide banking system to a grinding halt through eating tofu burgers? Oh, wait, the bankers seem to be doing a more than adequate job of bringing about their own demise without the help of the unwashed cohort.

It will end in tears. Smart people are learning to shoot, ride and live off grid.

that's what I say.