Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bishop, Alien, Monkey?

Villagers in China have made a shocking discovery, a strange creature that could be one of the long lost Bishops of ACoC. (Anglican Church of Canada) 

Mrs. Mao Xiping thought it was a harmless rabbit until she noticed that the creature had an 'alien face'. Her neighbours agreed it was like nothing they had ever seen before and thought it acted 'a lot like Bishop Ingham, gobbling up everything in sight.'

Space Aliens
After devouring cucumbers, peaches and local churches, the creature was caged in a washing basket and taken to police, who arrested it.

'It has a voracious appetite,' said Mrs. Mao, who remains convinced that she caught ACoC's litigious Bishop of New Westminster.

But experts aren't convinced. 'It could be a Canadian Bishop, or an alien, or a monkey,' said one scientist, 'It's hard to tell.'

When last seen, the tiny ACoC was heading into the icy vastness of deep space.

Archbishop Fred Hiltz was unavailable for comment.



Borepatch said...


I am *so* coming to one of your services. I hope the sermon will be on Space Aliens.

Oh, and maybe you can autograph my copy of Aquinas ...


LSP said...

Borepatch, you're always welcome. I will mention, at least, space aliens in the homily -- might even throw in a Canadian bishop...

Bring that Aquinas!

+ we can always go for a shoot... if you like.

darlin said...

That creature is spooky looking! I like your comparison, very creative! lol

I too would love to come to one of your sermons, I feel that you have a lot of extremely interesting messages to pass on. :-)

Have a blessed Sunday!

LSP said...

Thanks Darlin.

I always try to keep my sermons short -- probably a bonus for all concerned!

Beware the alien bishop monkeys.

David said...

I apologise for the shameless plagiarism, but I couldn't resist.

LSP said...

Not at all David - glad to see the Hiltz/space monkey meme spreading...

Kate said...

Very funny! You should be made an honourary Canadian for that one (or at least an honourary member of ANiC). Well played!

LSP said...

Thanks Kate. I'm honoured by the plaudit.

ACoC -- what a crew.

God bless.