Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Drudge via Reuters:

"Is Britain more corrupt than it thinks?

No, never.



Silverfiddle said...

But British corruptions comes with a classy accent, unlike our Chicago variety.

BTW, I love how Murdoch's wife totally owned that pie throwing moron. Priceless!

LSP said...

The pie throwing incident was rather special...

Greg Tingey said...

You gotta lugh, otherwise you would break down and cry - and we can't have that now, can we?

The fear and loathing spread by Murdoch goes very deep.
Few people in high places were immune, one way or another.
Honorable exceptions: Ken Clarke (Tory), J. Prescott (Labour). Whatever other failings either might have, neither of them wanted anything to do with the dirty Digger.

As for the police, they were merely (!) tracking what their political masters were up to. And, of course, as with regular criminal gangs, there is always the possibility that some cops knew what was going on, but couldn't DO anything, because of the "grip" the gang had on highly-placed people. That's how the notorious Krays got away with it for so long ......

LSP said...

Well said, Tingey.

Thanks for reminding me of the Krays -- do you remember the funeral in the '90s? More than a few of the 'locals' weren't very impressed by that...

I forget who it was but someone said, not so long ago, that Britain's devolving back into a kind of 18th century style state of corruption, nepotism and croneyism, but without the talent.

All we need are pirates on the high seas. Oh, they're there already.


Greg Tingey said...

I was walking down the road to the local street-market one Saturday, and there were people lining the pavements..
I asked "Why" - and was told "It's the Kray's funeral in half-an-hour"(!)
Planted in Chingford Mount cemetery, exactly 5 miles North of here ....

The Krays maintained their hold for years, because they had a blackmail hold on both a senior Tory (Bob Boothby) and a senior Labour man (Tom Driberg). It was only broken after the "Blind Beggar shooting, which they couldn't wriggle out of.
I strongly suspect Murdoch has used the same modus operandi

LSP said...

I'd be surprised if you weren"t right, GT.

Blind Beggar - brings back memories. nasty pub, I always thought.