Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Piers Morgan - Please send him back.

Hailed at as "one of the most unpopular journalists working in the UK," Piers Morgan was once editor of Britain's left-leaning Daily Mirror, until he was fired for running fake pictures of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners.

But he had made lots of money through shrewd investments in the stock market, and moved to America, where he interviews Oprah on CNN and does Simon Cowell impersonations on America's Got Talent. 

Now it seems as if the media mogul's past is catching up with him.

James Hipwell, a former journalist at the Mirror during 'The Dark Lord's' tenure, has claimed it was "inconceivable" that his old boss didn't know about 'phone hacking at the tabloid.

Morgan has vehemently denied the accusations, stating“I have never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, nor to my knowledge published any story obtained from the hacking of a phone. I am not aware, and have never seen evidence to suggest otherwise, that any Mirror story published during my tenure was obtained from phone hacking.”

Dark Lord
But Piers seems to have said something different in 2009 on the BBC's Desert Island Discs, "...people who rake through bins for a living, people who tap people’s phones, people who take secret photographs, who do all that nasty down-in-the-gutter stuff... How did you feel about that?

"Mr Morgan replied: 'To be honest, let’s put that in perspective as well. Not a lot of that went on. A lot of it was done by third parties rather than the staff themselves. That’s not to defend it, because obviously you were running the results of their work.
'I’m quite happy to be parked in the corner of tabloid beast and to have to sit here defending all these things I used to get up to, and I make no pretence about the stuff we used to do,' he told the programme's host, Kirsty Young.
'I simply say the net of people doing it was very wide, and certainly encompassed the high and low end of the supposed newspaper market.'"
"I simply say the net of people doing it was very wide..."
Maybe "The Mad God" will be summoned back to England by its masters?
You can read all about it in the Telegraph and Guido.


All Seeing Eye said...

Ooooooh no you don't. I see what you're trying to do there and it won't work.

You've got 'im. You keep 'im.

We were delighted to get rid of him and we're not falling for that old "he was yours first" trick.

LSP said...

Eye, you've got me bang to rights.

But, but, but please take him back.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

The man makes Larry King look good. And that is very hard to do.

LSP said...

He is rather special, Infidel.

But you never know, maybe Guido's campaign will send "million follower" Morgan back from whence he came.

We can only hope.

Greg Tingey said...

Piers "Morin" Morgan, Rupert Murdoch and Glenn Beck make a perfect hat-trick, I would have thought!

( Ewwwuggghhh )

Silverfiddle said...

Why, for every sane, gun toting bible thumping Brit like the Lone Star Parson, must we also put up with a Piers Morgan?

Is there some rule of parity or balance that we don't know about?

LSP said...

Lets just hope he returns, Tingey, and it won't be before time.

Thanks for the sanity compliment, Silverfidle, but the parity rule's a bit scary...

But what can I say?

Send Him Back!