Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Arabs

I know it's odd, but both LSP missions are heavily populated by shooters and riders, which means I get to combine pastoral visits with guns and horses and, lately, drive off to Waco where a member of the congregation has a stable of Arabians.

They're fine, well trained, intelligent animals and a real pleasure to ride; I took off on Saheem the other day - walk, trot, canter, gallop, run! We sped along, fast and flat. Exhilarating. 

Then it was off to Lake Waco at a more relaxed pace, interspersed with the odd theology conversation.

Rider 1: "So, LSP, are you a Plato/Augustine man, or an Aristotle/Thomist?"
LSP: "Aristotle/Thomist, old chap."
Rider 1: "Thought so."
LSP: "But both are good. Unlike Hauerwas."
Rider 2: "He's bad. Got it all from Yoder."
Rider 1: "Yoder? They worship him at Duke."
LSP: "Useless. Saheem - canter!"

And so on. Got into an informal race on the way back, chasing after my Platonist friend, "Rider 1". He has a book out on Just War Theory - sure to be a hit in LSPland.

A big vote of thanks to Miltown Arabians for the pleasure of a great ride - hopefully the first of many.

Stay on the horse,



Katheryn Lane said...

Beautiful horses! I bet they were a joy to ride.

LSP said...

Good to have you aboard, KL!

They are really good horses and a real pleasure to ride.

You must feature them in your next novel.

Katheryn Lane said...

Good idea. My current novel, 'The Royal Sheikh', has camels in it, but no horses. I'll make a point of getting some horses into the next book.