Monday, June 20, 2011

Texas Beats South Ken

Pit Stop
Back in the olden days, I used to enjoy lounging about in South Ken with the Fact Compiler. He'd say, "But LSP, America is so provincial!" That's absurd. We have "Mojo's".

Cold Air?
We have "Valley Mills",

Dirt Road
the road to Waco,


and Beer Can Chicken.

+ we can own pistols without being thrown into jail.

I like all those things. A lot. The moral of the story? Texas beats South Ken.

Every blessing for Trinitytide,



darlin said...

What a fantastic concept, no not owning a gun... adding strips of bacon to the Beer Chicken. I'm going to have to try that one sometime this summer, yummm!

Have a fantastic week LSP and happy shooting! :-)

All Seeing Eye said...

Never been to Texas (I must change that soonest) and only passed through SK once (on a musical pilgrimage to see Elvaston Place)

So, deciding blind and with all of your comparisons considered; I'd choose to live in the place which let me carry a gun every time.

The Fact Compiler said...

Dear 1* Parson


I seem to recall we struck a pose!

As we Romans, now, say...

And with your spirit.provack

LSP said...

ASE - I have to say that that the guns are a potent lure.

You must visit Texas and shoot.

LSP said...

Ah yes, Compiler, you're right... wouldn't mind revisiting the place. Next year.

Good that you've got rid of all that "and also with you" nonsense. Speaking of which, here in LSPland the forward leaning Anglican Missal is making a powerful comeback. Ordinariate, take note.

LSP said...

Thanks Darlin - I think the bacon adds to the thing...

God bless.

Silverfiddle said...

So it the bacon supposed to be a kind of stole? Appropriate for Sunday I suppose...

LSP said...

Hmmm, interesting liturgy point, Silverfiddle and, yet again, another vote for bacon.

darlin said...

LSP it sure would add something to the chicken, plenty of salt and fat! lol The flavor would be fantastic and all the fat would burn off anyways. There now I've justified adding the bacon. :-)

Thank you and God bless you as well.

LSP said...

Well justified, Darlin!