Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sometimes I get it wrong, it's understandable, we all make mistakes and sometimes they're grievous. Bluesun spotted mine:

"I think any public figure that Bono has mentioned in song should automatically qualify for 5 alien heads before anything else is taken into account."

Well said, Bluesun, I stand corrected.

8 Heads!
Tutu gets another alien head, automatically, and a further three for crazy off-world antics. That brings the total up to eight.

By no means shabby. Well done, Desmond.



Silverfiddle said...

It is so easy to become a hero of the international left: Spout feel-good inanities and attack your own culture, or in Tutu's case, scold the west as throngs of teary-eyed guilty liberals stand on their hind legs and applaud.

LSP said...

Desmond and Bono? Saints for our age.