Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High Church

Spent last week teaching at the St. Michael's Conference, Southwest. The chapel was plain when we arrived, so we got it up higher; the young people prefer it that way. Thanks to Fr. Matkin for the transformation, excellent result.
The Conference is unashamedly trad -- no Pelosianite, priestess nonsense, just the Faith and, of course, worship was central, with daily Morning and Evening Prayer, Solemn High Mass, Compline, Benediction & Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Confession. I cunningly made mine before the event, but most of the kids (there were 69) make theirs during the week, often for the first time. There's great spiritual power in that.
LSP (center) at the Confiteor
The Cure D'Ars, who is the patron Saint of priests, tells us that when we go to Confession we 'draw the nails from the wounds of Christ'. A beautiful image, I always think.

After Evensong and dinner, the Conference splits into 'discussion groups'. By some strange coincidence, I was asked to lead the ones on guns, space aliens and cryptids.

'Guns' was simple - we like them, a lot, and approve of the Church's teaching on war, which prohibits priests from killing people. 'Drawing blood' was the old stricture but that didn't stop aggressive prelates, like Odo, from carrying clubs, maces and the odd surreptitious sword into action. 'Aliens' was easy too - the kids believed in them, for the most part. But do they get to heaven? Depends on how wicked they are, I suppose. For example, Jefferts Schori might find the process tricky. 

Genuflect, LSP

The Cryptids discussion was curious; lots of talk about the Chucacabra, whom most considered a mutated dog. Others thought it a new species, but all were agreed as to its animal nature. Altogether different from evil elves, which the Latino children believed in - strongly - and were almost too scared to talk about. No wonder.

They're evil dwarflike spirits who cause mischief around the house and, if not appeased, steal the souls of babies. Scary, so I reminded the kids of the power of prayer, Angelic protection and Our Lady's intercession.
Lift high the Cross
Then, all too soon, the Conference was over. Easily the most spiritually uplifting event I've experienced in years. Well needed, I can tell you.

God bless and be sure to stay away from the sinister dwarf/elf spirits.



Borepatch said...

If you're any where near Austin, I'd come to your service.

LSP said...

Borepatch, it'd be an honor - but I'm a few hours away, between Waco & DFW.

God bless.