Friday, June 17, 2011

Bishops - Desmond Tutu

"They should all be locked up and put in a cage." Fr. Bowling

African Anglicans, by and large, are a pretty conservative bunch. Then there's Desmond Tutu, acclaimed international speaker, Nobel Laureate, retired Archbishop and all 'round saint of 'inclusivechurch', the same crew that brought us Bishop 'Vicky' Gene Robinson, Mary 'Imnotamanhonest' Glasspool, and millions of dollars in litigation against trad dioceses like Fort Worth.

Tutu had this to say, at a meeting of co-religionists in Pittsburgh:

"In his sermon, he poked fun at the belief that only those who accept Jesus as their savior can enter heaven.

'Can you imagine that there are those who think God is a Christian?' he said to laughter from a mostly appreciative audience. 'Can you tell us what God was before he was a Christian?'"

Top humour, Desmond. But just think, what if that awkward bit, inter alia, in John's Gospel, "I and the Father are one", or that pesky "God from God, light from light" business in the Creed, is actually true. What if your job, as a successor of the Apostles, is to uphold Apostolic Faith and Order. What then? 

Think yourself lucky if the reward sticks at a respectable four Apostate Alien Heads.

Just sayin'.



The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Just got back from seeing Micky at his 50th and saw AJ for the first time in phew about ten years, horsemouth and Sophie where there too

All well

bluesun said...

Personally, I think any public figure that Bono has mentioned in song should automatically qualify for 5 alien heads before anything else is taken into account.

LSP said...

Nice one SBW - saw AJ in DC a couple of years ago - he kindly flew me out for a pop concert... what a good man.

Haven't seen Mickey for a decade(?) - good to hear he's well.

Love to all.

LSP said...

Bluesun - you're right! Another alien head it is, and probably more deserved.

Julie Culshaw said...

Ah yes, I was hoping you speak loud and clear. thanks.

LSP said...

You inspired me, Julie.

Teresa said...

Desmond Tutu is a disgrace. I am so sick of these Commie apostates.

LSP said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Teresa