Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Left Behind?

time we left this world today
Everyone knows that the Rapture was supposed to happen the other day and has had to be rescheduled to sometime in October. Or perhaps it did and we're all 'left behind', but whatever the case, the prophets in question should pay closer attention to Scripture. Our Lord says that 'no one knows the day or the hour' of the Apocalypse, or Eschaton (Matt. 24-36). 

TP has an interesting take on the various biblical texts; he thinks we should want to be 'left behind'. Read it here, if you like.




bluesun said...

Hmmm. Those who don't study history... are bound to come up with screwy money making plots that don't rely on anything but scary language.

innominatus said...

Sadly, my town is so full of ungodly weirdos that the Rapture will mostly go unnoticed here. At least in the short term.

LSP said...

I fear, Innominatus, that your experience isn't singular...

LSP said...

I agree, Bluesun. Of course there's no shortage of crazies that are only too happy to donate to the various causes. Perhaps they'll get raptured in October.