Tuesday, June 14, 2011

France or Texas?

Sometimes Team LSP can get a little mutinous. Here's an example:

"...to be fair horses and guns are not a monopoly of Texas or indeed the US.  The French for example enjoy riding and shooting, and of course fine wine."

Expensive French Nonsense
They also have the Trianon, which I enjoy, and their City, Paris. But do they have the Alamo? or the Chucacabra?

No, they do not.



bluesun said...

Not to mention that many of France's firearm designs are completely screwy and, um, "original."

LSP said...

Very good point point, Bluesun.

Did the British army (what's left of it)buy a French weapon for their 'designated marksmen'?

No, they didn't.

Silverfiddle said...

I'll take the chupacabra over violent hordes of car torching muslims any day...

LSP said...

Silverfiddle: yes, yes, yes.

Anonymous said...

The chupacabra and the ghost of Jim Bowie mock both the French and the car torching muslims.

Texas is fun.

BigTex AC

LSP said...

Never a truer word, Big Tex AC.