Friday, October 14, 2016

It's Dark and Stormy, on the Edge of Time

Driving on the Edge, on the Edge of Time

Lightning, rain, darkness. Just another typical day on the edge of time, except for thunder, which was weirdly missing. One cup of hot tea later and the power went down, which meant shaving by flashlight before climbing into a storm-tossed rig to the eerie cries of terrified peacocks and the forlorn howling of Blue Raskolnikov. 

The Wire

Thirty minutes of apocalyptic driving later I reached my objective, the Cowboy Church's men's prayer breakfast. And I was glad I went, because the cowboys are alright and you always, in my experience, get a good "message." This morning's was on forgiveness; don't hold bitterness, anger and resentment in your heart or it'll chew you up and spit you out. The Gospel's pretty emphatic on that theme.

A Typical Day in Wales

It was light by the time breakfast was over, and I looked out across the wire at rain-soaked Texas. It was like Wales, in August.

Be safe,



LL said...

There is nothing like pancakes and bacon in the morning, washed down by something warm to remind you that there is a silver lining in every cloud.

The climate in Texas is changing from arid to rain forrest. But it hasn't apparently done anything but improve the fishing!

LSP said...

It was a pretty ferocious drive, but worth it.

And for sure, our old enemy, Climate Change, has really improved the fishing. Not complaining about that at all!

Jules said...

Oh I'm liking all today's posts. Yours has a wonderful "restoring calm" feeling to it: the cleansing of rain, forgiveness and peace, hot tea (full on brownie points) and Cowboy Church. What a wonderful way to start a Friday. And then you had to go and mention Wales, dontcha!

Nice pics.

LSP said...

Jules, the rain drove me to it. I thought I was living in Texas but then I looked out at the wet green field and realized I was in Wales, on the Edge of Time.

Strange how that happens.