Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's Bushcraft Wednesday!

Yes, it's Bushcraft Wednesday and here we are, deep in the bush of the metrosprawl. Just me, Blue Unmentionable and a couple of .45s.

A Couple of Guns

What do two pistols have to do with the art of Bushcraft, you ask yourself, mystified. Simple, if you're charged by a predator out in the bush, you need something to defend yourself and a reliable sidearm can come in handy.

Alien Gear Works

The team favors Glocks and, today, a Beretta. Both great guns but I'd say the Glock has an edge because of its sturdy, workmanlike simplicity. Nothing fancy about that pistol and fewer parts to malfunction or go missing or break. A big asset in the bush.

The Simplicity of Glock

So listen up, bushcrafters. Invest in a reliable sidearm and keep it clean, I recommend the Glock 21. And while you're at it, check out Alien Gear holsters, for inside and outside the waistband carry. They work.

Blue Unmentionable

Here endeth the shameless marketing for Beretta, Glock and Alien Gear.

Your Old Friend,



LL said...

Amen on the Glock 21. It's great for an urban jungle (or a traditional jungle) environment. It works well on zombies (a code word for inner city people).

Fredd said...

Pastor, I have a question: on that photo of 'Alien Gear Works,' that holster appears to have a form fitted mold securing the trigger guard. As it stands, that form fitting would impede withdrawal of the weapon until the front piece is unsnapped from the back half of the holster; hardly practical unless this particular holster is simply for transport with the expectation that no targets need be acquired in the immediate term.

Or am I missing something...

LSP said...

I think it's a great gun, LL. Very pleased with it.

LSP said...

Good point, Fredd. The holster's retention is adjustable, allowing for a faster or slower draw -- I think it's a good system for concealed carry, but maybe a bit risky for open?

LindaG said...

When hubby me my first pistol, he got me an FNH 5.7. I liked it okay, but he didn't like the way I had to cock it. He was afraid I might shoot my arm off.
So we looked around at gun shows and ended up trading it for a little Colt 380 Auto. I thought it was fine at the gun show, but after getting it home, not so much.
No trading this time, but got a Walther PK380. I like it better. It is easier for me to cock. I just have to do it now and then to remind me how to do it. Sometimes getting older is not so much fun.
Fortunately hubby and the boys are not the mini-muscle I am and have no such problem with our others.
I will look into the holster. Hubby is always on the hunt for one.

Fredd said...

LindaG: get a .38 Special revolver. No need to cock it, it's double action. Just load it, grab it, point it at the bad guy, and pull the trigger.

Easy peasy. Also, .38 will usually stop most any thug, and does not have a huge kick when fired. But it will not shoot through walls, which is sometimes a good idea. If you want that option, go for the .357 Magnum, a bit more kick but a lot more bang for the buck. Pun intended.

LindaG said...

Fredd, I will look into that. There is bound to be a gun show somewhere around the state. Thanks for the tip!