Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Texas Country

In a bold attempt to escape the intense political drama that is daily life in modern America, I drove out to visit the flock. That took me to a ranch, with trees. Those of you who understand the reality of Texas' bucolic Mesquite groves will know how pleasant that is.

I shot at a pig there once, from a moving Gator, and missed.

Heart of Oak,



LL said...

Those are the sort of trees that you want on your land...near the bass pond.

I think that it's time to push the political drama off the set for a while. It can be overwhelming with the cable 24 hour news cycle.

LSP said...

That's the truth, and it only gets more frenzied.

LL said...

The X-Files is back. I watched it instead of the Iowa Caucus tally...the truth is out there. You need to get a hold of that show and see if you could get Mulder and Skully to investigate TEC.

LSP said...

I like the X Files a lot. I'll have a word with the show about TEC -- good call.

Fredd said...

You know, Reverend, that for a 5 pound bag of mesquite chunks to smoke your brisket up in Illinois, it costs $4.99? That's a buck a pound, according to my public school-learned math.

In your neck of the woods, mesquite is laying on the sides of the road by the truck load, free for anyone to haul away.

And we pay a dollar a pound for the stuff. Shows what kind of brains we got up north, eh Reverend?

LSP said...

I like a bit of Mesquite on the BBQ, Fredd.