Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mojo Rising

Perhaps you think that this post is all about the high-stepping lead singer of the Doors, who used to call himself the "Lizard King". It's not. It's about dove hunting and the Mojo dove decoy in particular.

Standing On The Runway Waiting For Takeoff

The beauty of the Mojo is that that it has spinning wings (battery powered), comes with a sturdy metal stake that you can put it on and, most importantly, brings in the dove. At least it has done, often.

Someone Else's Photo

This evening it didn't hurt and GWB shot a couple of Mojo lured birds as they came in fast over our setup in a treeline.

Blind Faith

But I wasn't having much luck, so I went for a stroll and shot a rabbit. Streak of movement to the right, shoot! One bunny for the pot.

Clean That Rabbit

As dusk set in the dove started flying in waves, high and fast. Brisk action and plenty of shots fired, but no result. The moon, on the other hand, was waxing full.

God bless,



Brighid said...

You got to shoot with blind faith and a good mojo, brought home dinner, and was mooned. Damn Straight, Sounds like a blessed evening to me.

LSP said...

It's all going on in the countryside, I tell you!

LL said...

And people say nothing is going on... At least you were mooned.

LSP said...

The dove were mostly coming in at high altitude. Smart tactic.

LL said...

I haven't hunted doves for a long time. Slow flying, slow take-off large target pheasants work better for me and are as much of a 'sure thing' for hitting the target as there is -- unless the dog is worthless and flushes them too soon. (you can always blame the dog for a missed shot)

You don't use a dog for doves, so it's all on you... (sigh)

LSP said...

"It's not my fault, Sir. The dog did it." Worth a post in itself...

But seriously, I like the fast action which sometimes comes with the dove and there's good satisfaction when the shot connects and that small, fast moving target comes down. Lots of fun. Lots of misses too, at least for me!

Never hunted pheasant. Must sort that out.

jenny said...

Ha, Brighid, well said-- I agree!!

LSP said...

I sense a conspiracy.

jenny said...

Is it a conspiracy for great minds to think alike?

(But generally, yes of course, we're all out to get you. That's to be assumed. We even have Pedro and his peacock on board.)

Brighid said...

Padre, thought of you today when Willie and I flushed bunches of doves out of the turkey mullein beside the trail.

LSP said...

Flush those dove!