Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Drove to Dallas

I drove to Dallas yesterday to visit a sick man in hospital. After that I fell back to to the DFW HQ with a view to meeting up with some friends at one of the local restaurants. Nothing fancy, just a pizza (they call them "flatbreads"...) and convivial company. But no. That was apparently too much for the team, one of whom "had to go hunting" early the next day. Interesting excuse.


So I stayed in, creating a powerful marketing strategy for a restaurant/food blog called Cheapskates. The byline being, "We Want Great Scoff at a Great Price."  Stay tuned.

Home Again. Note Kyptek

Then, today, it was time to get back on the road for the country. No complaints there and tomorrow's plan is simple. Say the Mass(es), chair a meeting, go for a horse ride, maybe followed by a shoot.

Golden Void

Speaking of which, I suggested that the Diocese screen potential clergy on their ability to ride and shoot. "If you can't ride, and you can't shoot, you can'get in," I told our bishop, disarmingly. He didn't say no.

I take that as a promising sign.

God bless,



jenny said...

a great sunset tonight, I agree! And tomorrow's plan sounds equally wholesome-- hoping for pics. Being city-bound, I enjoy the vicarious living.
Bring on the food blog!

LSP said...

It was a good sunset.

Must. Ride. More.

That is my plan.

The food blog will have tremendous power.

LL said...

I think that I want to be a parson in Texas.

LSP said...

Join the team, LL. You're more than qualified.

jenny said...

Do it, LL!!

Euripides said...

Riding and shooting are great, but I don't have the disposition to be a parson. More power to you for doing all three.

LSP said...

Thanks, Euripides.

Brighid said...

YeeHaw Padre, keep up the good Texas work!

LSP said...

Good old Texas.