Monday, May 21, 2018


Power only exists where it exists because of the stories that humans agree to tell one another. The idea that government operates a certain way, that money operates a certain way, these things are purely conceptual constructs that are only as true as people pretend they are.
Everyone could agree tomorrow that Donald Glover is the undisputed King of America and the new official US currency is old America Online trial CDs if they wanted to, and since that was the new dominant narrative it would be the reality.
Everyone could also agree to create a new system which benefits all of humanity instead of a few sociopathic plutocrats. The only thing keeping money and government moving in a way that benefits our current rulers is the fact that those rulers have been successful in controlling the narrative.

 They’ll never get that cat back into the bag once it’s out, and they know it.

You can read the whole thing here


Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Awesome Sermon

PB Michael Curry got up and preached at the Royal Wedding, even though the Episcopal Church is banned from representing Anglicanism at important events. Still, the remarkable Curry wowed audiences with his down-home southern revival, big tent delivery.

Dancing Fool

How affirming and diverse. I mean to say, we don't just employ these people to mow lawns at the country club, we make them bishops! How very Sewanee seersucker civil rights.

Don't Say Fraud

As you reflect upon Curry's remarkable accent along with his Yale and Princeton education, read this, by Gavin Ashenden.

Don't say What. A. Fraud.


Sunday, May 20, 2018


The beginning of Christendom is, strictly, at a point out of time. A metaphysical trigonometry finds it among the spiritual Secrets, at the meeting of two heavenward lines, one drawn from Bethany along the Ascent of Messias, the other from Jerusalem against the Descent of the Paraclete. That measurement, the measurement of eternity in operation, of the bright cloud and the rushing wind, is, in effect, theology. (Charles Williams, Descent of the Dove)

Today's the Feast of Pentecost and we celebrate the descent of the Spirit upon the disciples, who fills them with the fire of divine love. You might like this powerful wisdom from St. Basil the Great:

And He, like the sun, will by the aid of thy purified eye show thee in Himself the image of the invisible, and in the blessed spectacle of the image thou shalt behold the unspeakable beauty of the archetype. 
Through His aid hearts are lifted up, the weak are held by the hand, and they who are advancing are brought to perfection. Shining upon those that are cleansed from every spot, He makes them spiritual by fellowship with Himself. Just as when a sunbeam falls on bright and transparent bodies, they themselves become brilliant too, and shed forth a fresh brightness from themselves, so souls wherein the Spirit dwells, illuminated by the Spirit, themselves become spiritual, and send forth their grace to others.
Hence comes foreknowledge of the future, understanding of mysteries, apprehension of what is hidden, distribution of good gifts, the heavenly citizenship, a place in the chorus of angels, joy without end, abiding in God, the being made like to God, and, highest of all, the being made God [that is, sharers in the divine nature]. Such, then, to instance a few out of many, are the conceptions concerning the Holy Spirit, which we have been taught to hold concerning His greatness, His dignity, and His operations, by the oracles of the Spirit themselves.

Veni Sancte Spiritus,


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Behold The Great Leviathan

We went in search of Bass. Well not really, we went in search of any fish that'd get on the hook like a Trumptrain express on full loco or like anything at all, we're not fussy. And, to be sure, I wanted my kid to catch.

He did, pulling out Black Drum like a good 'un. We raced for a while, which was fun, but then lost count and finished, I think, pretty much even. I brought up the last fish, a mighty Leviathan Drum and I tell you, it put up a fight.

But here's a thought which makes me want to refigure the calculus. Another fisherman tipped up on the spillway pier and caught a good sized Catfish, a Gar and a decent Drum, all on a circle hook baited with live shad and weighted below the leader, a catfish rig. 

Now, we outfished him with barely weighted small hooks and worms but, and it's a big but, he caught fewer but larger fish, we just caught Drum. What does this mean?

Firstly, larger fish are going after live shad right now, so match the hatch. Secondly, larger fish will go after larger bait, it appeals to them. Translate all of the above into action and add a rod to the mix, baited for bigger fish, and cast off with the worm rigs for opportunistic fun.

That way you should catch more fish. A focused setup for the monsters and a catch-all for everything else.

Next stop? Go after Stripers, Drum are great but we need a change.

God bless you all,


Friday, May 18, 2018

The Mullallyfication of the Church of England

Take a break from wondering if former CIA boss, John Brennan, and the rest of the coup conspirators will finally be brought to justice. Put that interesting question to one side for a moment and ask yourself this. What qualifies Sarah Mullally to be the Bishop of London?

Jules Gomes answers the question. Here's a snapshot:

So what are Mother Mullally’s towering achievements and phenomenal gifts that qualify her to be appointed to the third most important bishopric in England? Mullally’s crowning glory is that she is a feminist and so ‘necessarily subversive’ as she portrays herself in her debut sermon.
Feminism is subversive? Is the new Bishop of London so out of touch with cultural criticism that she doesn’t even know that feminism has been part of the dominant orthodoxy for ages? Feminism in the West is as subversive as environmentalists hugging trees and snowflakes cuddling teddy bears.

Gomes goes on.

So what are the other impressive credentials on Mullally’s Curriculum Vitae that dazzled her selection panel? Mullally unwittingly answers: ‘There aren’t many bishops who come from comprehensive schools, who are poly [polytechnic] girls and who did [part-time training] for the priesthood.’ 
‘It’s not just gender; it’s also your background that’s equally important,’ she adds. Translated from Anglican virtue-signalling gobbledygook into English, Mullally was chosen to be Bishop of London because she’s a woman who went to a comp school and polytechnic and trained at Saint Mickey Mouse Seminary.

The Rebel Priest then lists the seven pillars of Mullallyfication.



Thursday, May 17, 2018

Get On The Fish

Rather than reflect on the Church of England's devolution into mawkish irrelevancy masquerading as radical counterculturalism, I went fishing. 

It seemed better to get by the water after Mass and tangle with the ancient adversary than contemplate the Mullallyfication of the CofE.

Once again, the adventure started off with an empty pier, no pressure, and out went the lines with their tried and true #6 baitholder hooks and juicy worms, barely weighted with a split shot sinker resting around 12" from the hook.

Now, experts say the bigger the hook, the bigger the fish and I'm sure that's true but small hooks are notoriously capable of catching large fish as well as their smaller allies. You see, the smaller fish can't fit an enormous great hook in their mouth; they attempt it, greedily, then drop it in frustrated contempt.

Regardless, this hook logic works well if you're fishing indiscriminately from the bank and your emphasis is on catching fish, any fish. If you're singularly after trophy Bass or the awesome Striper or whatever, you tailor your rig to meet the need.

In my case, it's mostly just about catching fish and the above method worked well this evening, with no end of good sized Black Drum and a couple of fat Bluegills coming up for good measure. Pretty much every cast a fish, great result.

Fish on,


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lord Tebbit Calls Bury's Gay Dean A Sodomite

Top Tory grandee, Lord Tebbit, has called Bury St. Edmunds' new gay dean a "sodomite" and is boycotting worship rituals led by Joe Hawes, who lives with his partner, Rev. Chris Eyden.

"I find it difficult to accept a sodomite as a member of the clergy who will, for example, be called upon to conduct marriage services," said Tebbit, "I will struggle to attend if he is officiating."

Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral

The outspoken Tory peer went on to assert his belief in the Bible and denounced homosexual activity.

"I just don't see how he can decently read the marriage service. I stand by what is written in the Bible, which is the basis on which the cathedral was built. It says the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God."

The Flag of Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral

"It cannot be a sin to be born homosexual. It is what one is. What I can't accept is the activity. I use the expression sodomite."

Lord Tebbit stated that he would continue giving financially to the cathedral, which he believes will "be there long after the dean and I are gone."

Hawes and Eyden

While the Church of England hasn't approved gay marriage ceremonies, Hawes and Eyden live together in a civil partnership, which is allowed by the denomination with the proviso that the partners don't have sex with each other.


One UK Barrister who wishes remain anonymous, commented, "Remarkable. One of the few occaisons I find myself in agreement with Norman Tebbit in 38 years. Clearly there's hope and redemption for us all."

God bless,


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Still Beating The Drum

After a morning visiting the sick, I stopped off at Lake Whitney dam to test the waters. These were clear(ish), and apparently devoid of any fish. 

The occasional Water Moccasin slithered across the still surface of the pool, ignored by floating turtles, and that was that, no evidence of fish at all.

Still, I had the pier to myself, no pressure, and that's no small thing. There it was, the great edifice of the dam and the Brazos, winding its way through Texas to Waco and beyond under a big sky. A tranquil scene, and I cast off more for the contemplative reflection of it all than anything else.

Say your prayers, consider the upcoming Feast of Pentecost and the nature of the Holy Spirit, who we're told is the personification of the love between the Father and the Son. Take a break from the turgid skulduggery of the world and unwind overlooking the river.

Good call, right? No, it wasn't to be. The pool looked empty, like the pews of the venerable if shrinking Church of England, but it wasn't, it was full of voracious Black Drum. No kidding. I'd no sooner cast off with a famously scientific split shot, #6 worm rig than Drum were plowing into the line. 

Up came one, up came another, and another, and on we went for an hour or so. Good action and good sized fish. Finally the worm battalion were down to their last two conscripts, which I threaded onto a sharp, #6 baitholder.

The Tebbit

Within seconds something big was on the line. A Gar? A Striper? A Dolphin? Lord Tebbit himself, protesting against the rainbow riding iniquity of Bury St. Edmonds' Deanery?

No, just a monster Black Drum. He thrashed, flailed, dived and pulled but nothing worked, the fish was on and up it came. 

And that, international readership of this popular mind blog, is just the way it was.

MAGA and Fish On,


Monday, May 14, 2018

Melania Mondays! SEND FLOWERS

Melania, America's popular, glamorous and respected First Lady, had kidney surgery this morning at Washington DC's National Military Medical Center.

It was successful and Melania, 48, is expected to spend the rest of the week in recuperation. Along with the rest of the nation we wish her a return to full health.

Many have sent flowers and you can too, by dialing 1-800-FLOWERS. 

Well done Melania, for doing your part to make America great again.



Melania Mondays!

It's Monday and everyone's happy because that means Melania Mondays! and another episode in the life of America's popular and glamorous First Lady.

No, You're Not

Michelle Obama thinks she's the country's "Forever First Lady" or FFL for short. But Michelle isn't our First Lady, some say she isn't even a lady at all but some other kind of thing. 

Here at Melania Mondays! we can't say what that other "thing" is because we don't want to scandalize the children, but we can say that Melania is definitely a woman and really is the country's First Lady. Unlike Mitchell Michelle.

Warmhearted Patriot

And being a warmhearted patriot who loves our Armed Forces, Melania devoted part of her Mother's Day to honoring military moms.


Well done, First Lady, for doing your part to make America great again, and the nation's glad you're making a good recovery after your procedure this morning.



Sunday, May 13, 2018

Robots To Care For UK Elderly

Artificial humanoids, or "bots," have been tasked with caring for the elderly in cash-strapped Great Britain's old folks homes.

Unable to afford the human touch, UK caregivers are increasingly turning to robots to look after the elderly and provide companionship.

“We want to explore to what extent they might prevent loneliness and isolation, improve mental health and reduce family caregiver stress,” stated Dr. Chris Papadopoulous, from the University of Bedfordshire.

The low-level bot artificial intelligences will be equipped with a tablet on their chests, enabling the frail and elderly to skype, tweet, email, play games, post to Instagram, Snapchat or even chat via Whatsapp while being reminded of when to take their medication.

What could possibly go wrong?

Vladimir Putin has been reelected to the Russian autocracy and is hailed by many as a new Constantine. 



Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day; I hope you've all had a fantastic time with family, friends and hopefully, your Mothers. Here at the Missions we celebrated in good form, with feasting after the Masses and a lot of fun it was too. Well done, team.

Then it was back to the Compound to regroup, get collected and look to the next evolution, which weirdly enough turned out to be fishing.


Things were a bit crowded at the top secret Texan location today, on account of all the Mother's Day fishing expeditions and perhaps the pier pressure scared the fish off. 

At any event, the going was slow for the first hour or so but I didn't care, it was good to see families having fun at the water.


Picture the scene, Grandfather and Grandson, Father and Mother, all fishing away with Grandma sensibly sitting in the shade but smiling on.  

Heartwarming and I especially liked the Grandfather, who went by "Pappy." He came from a more civilized time and fished away with lures and jigs while I cast away with savage worms.

A Mother's Day Catfish

At one point the old gentleman pulled up a fishing rod, a fairly new one, too. I congratulated him on the catch and we laughed; a good moment. 

Fierce Little Predator

Then thump, tug, the fish switched on at last and with it a brisk hour or so of reeling in mostly small Bluegill. Hey, a fish is a fish and on a light rod these perch put up a fun fight. 

Country Life in Texas

I left as my new friends went after Bass with topwater lures and the sun was setting over the still, glassy waters of the lake.

What a good day.

God bless you, Mothers,