Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Protective Edge

It's not just about shotguns and fishing for me. Sometimes I fall back to the Veranda Club in Dallas for a bit of R&R. It has a good pool with a bar you can swim up to. I like that, obviously, and I also like it when they play '70s rock music over the PA. Some guests tell me it reminds them of "Rhodie", can't think why.


Less happily, I worry and pray for my friends' kids that are fighting in Protective Edge. So far they're O.K., and I thank God for that. 

Note Suicide Donkey

I also wish the IDF total success against the Jihad savages they're fighting. Imagine, for a moment, what Tel Aviv, for example, would look like if the same crew that brought us Mosul achieves its objectives.

That must not happen.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Went Fishing

I thought I'd step out of the mix for a couple of days, shoot some skeet, brush up on pistol and carbine skills, see if the Lee's scope was still on (it is) and do a bit of fishing. Good plan, eh? But look what happens, with apologies to LL.

Welcome to the Buffoonalia

Dobby and his Chinos decide to make wimmin bishops, (next stop gay marriage) Israel invades Gaza, ISIS savages destroy Christianity in Northern Iraq, 100,000 people are without water in Detroit and pneumatic plague fires up in Colorado. 


Meanwhile, John Woodentop Kerry wanders around the world like a malfunctioning wardroid and lest we forget, a giant sinkhole has opened up in Putin's Siberia. Some speculate that the Archbishop of Canterbury is using this as an underground HQ to direct operations to further destroy what's left of his deadending church. Others claim the hole's caused by the explosion of ice, hot gas and space aliens. As in, "Church of England."


Whatever, I went fishing today on lake Whitney and deployed plastics, rooster tails, Twizzlers(!) and spoons. A couple of bites, no strikes and a lot of fun standing on the Limestone bluffs watching the world go by.

Christians, Rise Up

That included cliff jumpers, who were mostly men. Backflip off cliff. Thump Splash! "Dude, like an awesome bomb and a dive. Bombdive! Unh hunh." 

I saluted them with my rods. Fellow cliffmen.

Pray for the Christians of Mosul and the Middle East.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury Leaves Club For Siberian Sinkhole?

Speculation is building that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is using a mysterious sinkhole in Siberia as an underground HQ, after he announced plans to resign from the exclusive Traveller's Club in London.


For years, Welby, who is popularly known as "Dobby", used the Traveller's Club in London's swanky Pall Mall as a base. However, the prestigious club voted against allowing women to become members, which is at odds with the Archbishop's enthusiastic endorsement of women bishops. According to Lambeth Palace, "He can't remember the vote, which is usually done via correspondence, but would have voted for the inclusion of women."

Not Traveller's

As Welby signaled his intention to leave the smart London club, an anomalous 262' deep sinkhole appeared in Siberia, revealing a path to the earth's unexplored interior. A team of Russian scientists is investigating the bizarre hole and believe it may have been caused by an explosion of ice and methane, brought on by Global Warming. 

Dobby's Chinos

"Global warming may have caused an 'alarming' melt in the under-soil ice, released gas and causing an effect like the popping of a Champagne bottle cork, Ms Kurchatova suggests," stated one expert.


Champagne corks were popping as the CofE voted for women bishops, coinciding with the appearance of the sinkhole.


Unlike Welby's new underground Siberian base, the Traveller's Club remains opposed to women members. “Pretty, elegant and interesting women would have no interest in joining our club,” said one member.

I like the Traveller's.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Out Fishing

We set out in search of fish.

Get on the Bass!

A youngster caught one and shot a snake. Well done JH!


I skillfully product tested a variety of lures. Sure enough, they all worked pretty well against pond weed...

Thanks RS, for a great afternoon.

Fish on,


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

White Flyer

One of the things I like to do is say Evening Prayer and then go off to shoot some skeet. I find it clears the mind and it's just a whole lot of fun, especially when you remember to aim and the enemy disintegrates under a withering hail of shot. 


With that in mind, we knocked the adversary out of the sky like good 'uns and fell back to the compound for some Weber action.


Result, unlike Justin "Dobby" Welby, who isn't.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Church of England Gets Women bishops, ISIS Laughs

ISIS Jihadis everywhere are rejoicing as the Church of England, known to many as "Old Mother Damnable," has voted to make women bishops. While ISIS laughs, the CofE is thinking that this will make them popular and relevant, as opposed to dead and tanking. 


America and Canada have had great success with this winning strategy. That's why they're making law suits converts hand over fist.

Goofing Off

So well done, CofE Now you will have women bishops because anything else is discriminatory, unjust and oppressive, in a patriarchal way. What does that make the Apostles, or Christ? Not much, obviously. But they don't care, it's not about Him anyway.


Except that it is and mark this well; go against the Holy Spirit and you will be relentlessly destroyed by the same Spirit and yet again, the turkeys vote for Christmas.

Pew Pullers

Mind how you go,


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Peace Pole Awesome

I took a risk and left Texas for a week. "Why, LSP, did you do that?" Because I had to go to a conference just outside of St. Louis, at Our Lady of the Snows Shrine, in Belleville, Illinois. It was a good event and focused, primarily, on prayer.

Peace Pole

The present Shrine was built in  the late 1960s, I think, and features a "Peace Pole." Maybe you think that Peace Poles are harmless.


Think again.


Dawn Chorus

Perhaps you think it's quiet and peaceful in the country, and sometimes it is. At other times it's not, like when the sun is rising, the roosters are sounding off and the local pit bulls are busy having an insane barking competition. Then there's a peacock; that's fired itself up too.

Well, whoever said life'd be easy?

God bless,


Friday, July 11, 2014

Forward in Faith U.K. Craven Sell-Outs?

Don't get me wrong, I like English Anglo-Catholicism, but why is the Vice Chairperson of Forward in Faith U.K. attending gay pride rallies?

 She was probably just "having fun" but whatever, not good PR. See Anglican Mainstream. Here's someone's take on it:
In the approach to the fateful meeting of the Church of England’s General Synod, beginning 11 July, all the signs indicate that, unlike the more numerous evangelical opponents to women bishops, ‘catholics’ will now only be offering a token resistance. Their hope appears to be a lasting, honoured place in the bosom of the liberal Establishment. But toleration will not be extended to them for long – not because of their glaring theological incoherence – today’s Church of England does not have a serious concern for theology – but because no amount of ‘gay pride’ will be able to absolve them of the unforgivable sin of ‘sex discrimination’. With no allies at home or abroad and with nowhere else to go, the forward march already begun can lead to only one destination: complete absorption.

Of course the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, popularly known as "Dobby", would probably approve.



Monday, July 7, 2014

The Episcopal Church Caught on Camera!

The Episcopal Church has been allegedly caught on a hunter's game camera, chasing a deer. Grainy nighttime footage reveals a creature that appears to be the Episcopal Church, stalking through the woods in pursuit of prey.

The Episcopal Church Caught on Camera?

While some analysts believe the blurred images of the predatory Church are a hoax, others suggest that the photographs are real.

"This is actually how the camera captures moving objects," stated one paranormal expert at Strange Mysteries. The demonlike creature also has apparently useless wings, lending credence to theories that it is, in fact, the small but aggressive denomination.

The Episcopal Church's Useless Wings

According to one commentator, "What on earth would have wings like that? There's absolutely no way that the creature could achieve flight! Perhaps it's a deformed creature, or perhaps something else entirely, like the Episcopal Church. Whatever it is, it's creepy."

Litigation Crazed

Deformed creature, demon, or the litigation-crazed Episcopal Church, hunting down yet another victim?

You be the judge.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Westminster Pedophiles

I try to keep this frivolous excuse for a "blog" lighthearted and entertaining. You know the score, Episcopal Church bishops as off-world space creatures, U.S. foreign policy as yet another example of malfunctioning DAARPA android technology, all interspersed with the odd outdoor firearms adventure. But humor aside, what's with Great Britain and the pedos

Cyril Smith Big Satan with the Beast

Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Cyril Smith (MP), Sir Peter Hayman, to name just a few, and now it seems that a dossier containing the names of up to 40 child abusing political figures has been conveniently "lost." It's the stuff of conspiracy theory meets conspiracy fact; just how many of Britain's privileged, wealthy, establishment elite have been and are involved in this disgusting crime. It's obviously far-reaching and goes to the top of that country's society. 

Rolf Harris, Little Satan

The church, horrifically, is no stranger to this evil and Pope Francis has likened it, correctly, to devilry, “A priest who has sex with a child betrays God. A priest needs to lead children to sanctity, and children trust him. But instead he abuses them, and this is terrible. I compare it to a satanic mass.” Well said Francis, and the same applies to any adult, or Member of Parliament.

Rifle Brigade? Hate to say it, No Excuse.

Like the successor of Peter, I smell Satan in this mix, and perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that a culture which enthusiastically kills its children in the womb shouldn't feel at liberty to abuse them sexually also.

Find that dossier and get rid of them, root and branch.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Steaks and cold drinks here, which is fine by me. Celebrate Independence and have a great 4th!

God bless,