Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shoot the CHL

I took the CHL test today at a room in El Conquistador, and very enjoyable it was too, despite having to drive through ferocious Climate Change to Waco.

The first part of the class was mostly about gun safety, the law, and why it's better to be "judged by 12 than carried by 6." That said, our instructor emphasized deterrent; a CHL isn't a "license to kill" he told us. That ended with a Mexican lunch, chicken enchiladas for me, followed by a test. It's not hard.

Then we convoyed off to a range, which was interestingly situated behind a BBQ place, and split into two groups. Group One for people familiar with their pistols and Group Two for those who were less so. I was in Group One and wondered how I'd match up with the other shooters, especially given less than stellar performance at the range lately.

But I shot alright and the Instructor congratulated me, "Good! I thought you Brits didn't like guns!"
"Chief," I replied, "I'm from the olden days." He thought that was very amusing.

That's More Like It

So a good day was had by all. Do the CHL class; it's fun, it teaches you something and improves your shooting. After you've certified, you have to send various documents into the DPS  and you get your license.

And that, my friends, is one small step in the ongoing War on Weather.

Shoot straight,


Friday, May 22, 2015

Monica Langley Interviews Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton wants to become the most powerful person in the world, ever. Monica Langley gets knee-touchingly close.

"HRC. Monica, have a seat
::HRC motions toward a chair situated an appropriate distance from her preferred spot on the couch::

Monica: ll!!Sure!!!
::Monica proceeds to drag her chair within inches of the Secretary --leaning in even further::

Interview proceeds... and about midway.

Monica: Oh Hillary...2016 '16 '16
::Monica grabs HRC's knee::

HRC laughs awkwardly — glances at Philippe

Monica: ::leaning in further::

Oh Hillary...what do you eat? drink? dream about when you sleep?
::Monica again touches HRC's leg::

::Everybody laughs awkwardly — Philippe hardly able to contain himself::

Monica: They think I'm so funny (looking at Philippe and me.) HILL, can I ride on your lap to the White House?"

According to Politico, that went on for 51 minutes.

Your old friend,


Drone Power!

I drove to Fort Worth today, to listen to several excellent presentations on Religious Freedom, but more on that later. When I returned to the bucolic pastures of rural ministry, and put the kettle on to make a refreshing cup of hot tea, I heard a loud knocking on my door. Who was it?

A lady in a pink nightdress and a large white sun hat, pounding furiously on the front door of my Command and Control Center. What did she want? I asked myself, inquisitively.

To talk, of course, about being spied upon by the City Drone Force (CDF).

"I can tell the difference between a firefly, a star and a drone!" she declared. "How's that?" I replied, and found out.

Fireflies make erratic upwards movements, stars twinkle, and CDF drones move in a straight, dronelike line. Flat against the night sky.

Speaking of drones, Ramadi is in the hands of Islamic savages, and Obama is obviously a Napoleon, or a Rommel, a Rainbow Rommel, that is. If you want some sober-minded analysis, check out LL's site.

God bless,


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stephy-the-Hobbit Street Art

Maybe the last so-called "post" was a bit serious for you. After all, it's not nice to come face to face with the mystery of iniquity that is the US Dollar and the Federal Reserve. 

So here's some Stephy-the-Hobbit street art to lighten things up.

It just gets everywhere! 

Will Stephy fill the large wingtips of David "I'm not a bitter and vicious old man" Letterman? 

Or will he quietly sink into the Dead Marshes with Wraith Witch Hillary?

Your mate,


The Dollar is Sick

I liked this comment from an earlier post on usury so much that I think it deserves its own space. Here it is:

"The Federal Reserve Back creates ALL Dollars in circulation, and the individual banks assist in creating digital Dollars through fractional reserve banking. 100% of all Dollars created, whether printed by the Department of Treasury, or created digitally by banks, are interest bearing documents (hence the name Federal Reserve Note), which must be repaid only with more Federal Reserve Notes. This is a very important distinction.

"Because of the Federal Reserve Act, ALL Dollars (FRNs) are perpetual debts without the ability to pay back in full, since all interest on the Dollars borrowed can only be paid with more Dollars, each bearing interest payments. More plainly, not only are the Dollars debt, but the interest payments are also debt.

"ANYONE (especially politicians) who claim they will reduce the debt, are either lying, ignorant, or both, as the Dollar based debt can NEVER, EVER, EVER, be repaid. It can only be defaulted upon. But since the bankers who control the Federal Reserve Bank are in control of most western governments, including the US, this nation will only become more indebted until The People revolt and ensure the Dollar debt is defaulted upon. But until more people realize how Dollars are created and used, and that 100% of all Sixteenth Amendment Income Taxes are used only for interest payments (not SS, Medicare, Defense, etc.) towards Dollar debt to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, little will change."

Surely someone's getting very rich through this ponzilike scheme of ad infinitum usury. But feel free to disagree.

In other news, I got a haircut, like a depositor in a Cypriot bank. Short's the word.

Your old buddy,


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

David Letterman Retires

Readers, there's good news and bad news. Let's start with the good. David Letterman has gone into retirement, and the whole world sings with joy. The bad news?

Oh, there isn't any. 


Usury, Aquinas and Baphomet

Usury, taking interest on a loan, used to be considered a sin. Now it's the keystone virtue of our civilization. Here's some Aquinas, from somewhere in the Summa:

Article I.—Is it a sin to take usury for the lending of money?

R. To take usury for the lending of money is in itself unjust, because it is a case of selling what is non-existent; and that is manifestly the setting up of an inequality contrary to justice. In evidence of this we must observe that there are certain things, the use of which is the consumption of the thing; as we consume wine by using it to drink, and we consume wheat by using it for food. Hence in such things the use of the thing ought not to be reckoned apart from the thing itself; but whosoever has the use granted to him, has thereby granted to him the thing; and therefore in such things lending means the transference of ownership. If therefore any vendor wanted to make two separate sales, one of the wine and the other of the use of the wine, he would be selling the same thing twice over, or selling the non-existent: hence clearly he would be committing the sin of injustice. And in like manner he commits injustice, who lends wine or wheat, asking a double recompense to be given him, one a return of an equal commodity, another a price for the use of the commodity, which price of use is called usury. 

Our present economic and financial system is based on usury; every Dollar we grasp in our eager spending hands is issued by the Fed, at interest. The borrower (USGOV) must repay this debt by getting more money, which comes, ultimately, from selling more things.

But there's only so much you can sell in a finite world, and only so much that people want, or need, or are able to buy. Despite the marketeers, infinite usurious growth is unsustainable.

As a last ditch measure, the financial powers are leaning towards negative interest rates and a ban on cash, in a desperate bid to get people to spend more and fuel the debt engine. This will fail and end in a reset, which will not be pretty, to put it mildly.

With that in mind, why do you think local PDs are investing in MRAPS?

Message to market: Prepare for the worst, and be happily surprised if it doesn't come down, Baphomet-Style, on our iniquitous and devilish society. But perhaps it already is? You be the judge.

Your Pal,


The War On Weather!

As I sat here on a typically chilly late May in Texas, cleaning the kind of gun that isn't allowed in, say, England or Connecticut, my thoughts stray to war. And not just any old war, the kind of war we used to fight against Nazis, Communists, Yankees, or even peace-loving Muslims. No, not that kind of war at all, but a new battle, a fight against the vast, impersonal forces of nature herself.

Our Commander-in-Chief, and Secretary of State, have spoken. Climate Change is America's new enemy, a threat that eclipses the illusory specter of terrorism brought on by oppressed and poverty-stricken peoples of color who are looking for jobs.

Taking Cover

But that's by the by, the weather is our true aggressor, and the nation's Commander is going to make that clear to the Coast Guard today. Thanks to the New York Times, we have excerpts from his rousing speech.

“I am here today," Barack Hussein Obama will announce, "to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country.”

A Scene From The War On Weather

How will we fight the weather and how will our military defend us from it? The answer is straightforward and as elegant as it's powerful. We will levy a tax on everyone who uses the weather, and then we will deploy our military to enforce the tax.

Weather Terrorists who refuse to pay the tax and fight our common enemy, Climate Change, will be sanitized with the full force of the greatest fighting machine the world has ever known, and we will win this war. Against the weather.

Ready For War, Against The Weather

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain are predicted here in Dallas, where it's colder because we've made the world warmer.

The sooner this enemy is defeated the better.

Your friend,


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Sad Loser!

I went to Best Buy today, just to check things out and see what pop-tech was up to. I walked away feeling like a sad loser because:

A) I don't have a phone with a "6" after it's name.

B) My laptop isn't a touchscreen with at least 8 MB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

C) I don't own a wireless home-wide sound system that can stream music to any room in my house at the touch of a smartscreen.

Remember, everyone, you must buy moar, much moar, then you'll be happy. Repeat that enough and you never know, it might even come true.

On the other hand, you might decide that God and the demon Mammon are incompatible. The same thing goes for Lamashtu as well, but maybe that's a different story.

Kick out the jams,


Rainbow Nazis

Via The Fact Compiler.

You. Must. Obey

Vicious rumours that Team LSP celebrated Queen Victoria Day by a visit to the pub, are entirely without foundation.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Victoria Day!

Today I invite you to take a break from life's vicissitudes and have a holiday, because today is Victoria Day!

Typical Victoria Day Celebration

That's right, today we stand with our friends in Canada and celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, a few days early to be accurate, but who cares?


So have some fun, turn off Steffie-the-Hobbit, don't get into any scraps with roving gangs of outlaw bikers, maybe take a break from compulsively reading the bad news which sweeps over us like an arching tidal wave. Whatever it takes.


I might go on a Cell Phone Jihad, in which participants shoot up their old cell phones with high power rifles. Or I might not.

There's no rule. On Victoria Day.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well Done, Napoleon

Well done, Obama, you latter-day Napoleon.

Ramadi, capitol of Iraq's Anbar province, which borders Saudi Arabia and isn't even remotely strategic to anyone who lives in opposite land, has been overrun by ISIS savages.

As I understand it, 1,300 US soldiers and Marines died, fighting for Ramadi. All for what? So ISIS can rule there? Well why not, it's not like there's going to be an Apple Store there any time soon, or a Walmart outlet, or anything gay like that. I mean to say, there's no likelihood of a Pride rally being held in Ramadi, so why bother defending it. 

In the meanwhile, the same Muslims who enslave and rape women, and behead children, are in control of Iraq's western province.

Good work, Obama, you Rainbow Rommel.

We scorn you.