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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Yale Goes Full Rainbow

Yale, once thought of as an ivy-covered hallowed hall of academe has transmorphed into a rainbow riding, PC proving ground. 

Up till now, everyone thought of Harvard as Satan's Vatican but apparently its famous competitor, Yale, is in the running as surveys show that most incoming Yale students are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, plus.

Some, a tiny 9% minority, report themselves as "somewhat conservative." Apparently they think that biological sex has something to do with gender. Such Nazis.

Approximately 0.06 of adults in the US identify as transgender. Before you laugh out loud at the injustice of it all, ask yourself  what does that make Yale, some kind of freakshow?

And listen up. The same Illuminati, NWO, Globalist goons that are trying to enslave you by shipping your jobs overseas are doing the same by erasing your gender, turning you into a sexless non-person, and all in the name of freedom. That's right, a drone, ready to do its hivemind's bidding.

They never thought she'd lose.


Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day

It's May Day, and the millionaire socialist bi-coastal elites are busy plotting how to spend other people's money. 

Millionaire Yale Socialists

Notice it's never their own and I won't say a word about the recent budget's failure to account for a Wall.

C'mon, Yale Snowflakes, the Wall's Not Gonna Build Itself!

Speaking of which, here at the Compound we're stockpiling food, water, ammo and hi-grade sterling. Who knows when all of these things will prove useful. Semper paratus is our motto.

Yet Another Yale Infographic

In other news, Yale snowflakes have staged a hunger strike, prompting their colleagues in the hallowed halls of academe to hold a BBQ.

I guess that'd be justified and ancient.



Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cooking With LSP, Just Throw it in The Pot

One of the many benefits of Easter is that you get leftover lamb. What do you do with all that lamb? Cut it up and throw it in the pot with diced onions and garlic, and fry it in olive oil and butter. 

Add some curry powder, tomato and chili powder. Don't be shy, chuck it in. After all, this isn't a fancy pants Ivy League curry, or a Druid Hill, Trump 2016, I went to Emory curry. No, it's just a rough and ready, throw-it-in-the-pot, take it as you find it curry.

Let it simmer, as you drink a cold beer. I like Fosters, which reminds me of England, even though it's from Australia.

Perhaps you roll out some dough and make naan bread in an iron skillet, perhaps not, there's no "rule." And then, simmer over, serve with rice and eat that scoff like a warrior.



Friday, October 19, 2012

America Doesn't Have a Class System

America overthrew British tyranny back in the 18th century. No taxation without representation and the rights of man, sort of thing.

Because of that we don't have a class system here, unlike England.

Thank God for that then.

Champagne all 'round.