Saturday, December 9, 2023

Repent You Fool


Tomorrow we meet John the Baptist, standing on the banks of the Jordan, in the wilderness, crying out "prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight." There he is, Elijah come to life, in camel hair, leather belt and fierce asceticism. Make his paths straight, and so we must.

Good work, buddy

Like those Jews at the Jordan, the tax collectors, harlots and associated malefactors, get down in humble, sorrowful, repentance and contrition and return to the Father who loves you. Like the Prodigal, make his paths straight. But how can this be? I have no sin, unlike Hunter Biden who blew hundreds of thousands on hookers and crack.

Just takin' it easy

Not so fast, punter. Consider yourself against the unfathomable perfection of God, how well do you hold up? In my case, in all our cases, not very well. So heed the Baptizer and return to the Lord who loves you, but it's your call.

Don't stare at my teeth, you Nazis!

You can, if you like, remain stuck in wickedness, blowing all your money on crack and hookers like the presidential son. Or you can shake the dust off your loafers and turn that crooked life around. What's it to be?

Lookn' good, feeln' good

It must be the latter and if you can't see the sin and need for repentance, ask God in prayer to show it to you, a bold and courageous call. He will, and be assured of his forgiveness.

Here endeth the Lesson,



LL said...

Hunter and Pedo Joe (along with the Crime Family) must confess their sins publicly to turn the corner. They don't seem to be taking that first step. Quite the contrary.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

That would be a powerful things to see.

LSP said...

Well ain't that the truth, LL.

I'm rather in favor of your FBI Legion.

Just saying.

LSP said...

Yes, WSF, yes indeed.

LL said...

The FBI Legion could write their names in the Ukrainian history books as they conduct human wave attacks over and over again into the Russian lines in the dead of winter no matter the cost.

Heroes will be made even as they fall to concentrated machine gun fire, anti-personnel mines, artillery and as the bodies are pierced by barbed wire entanglements...but maybe the loss of 35,000 FBI agents and 87,000 IRS agents will be worth it if Ukraine is free?

Of course, the US track record (see Afghanistan) is to accept those losses and then give the enemy $100 million worth of equipment and go home.

Wild, wild west said...

Ecclesiastes 12:1, WWW version, in part: Remember thee thy Creator in the daze of thy yoot.

The somewhat more accurate and reliable KJV translation of 12 is available here, do read and ponder the whole thing, for the whole is much more than the scattered parts:

Paul M said...

Robert H Biden has no reason to repent, despite decades of hubris and unseemly behavior. Astounding the church ceiling hasn't fallen in on them when attending Mass (assuming they do). But that's not up to me, all I can do is pray the man sees the righteous path and steps on it.

X2 to WWW, excellent reminder that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus." (Rom 3)

LSP said...

Yes, LL. Ukraine must be free, even at the cost of the FBI/IRS Legion.

They will not die in vain.

Question, will we rearm Russia as we did the Taliban?

LSP said...

What an excellent passage, Wild.

This struck me for the first time:

"and the grinders cease"

I've never noticed that before.

LSP said...

A great passage, Paul!

Then there's Hunter...

GenX Crit said...

Excellent, especially addressing "But how can this be? I have no sin..." because how can we make our paths straight, when we don't first see how crooked they are.

LSP said...

Exactly, GenX.