Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ISIS Laughs While Britain Sleeps?

The fanatical Muslim savages who went on a knife Jihad the other day were apparently known to the police, one of them even appeared on a BBC jihadimentary. But nothing was done and now people are terrorized and dead.

Also, strangely, it seems that Muslims who leave Britain to go on Holy War in Syria are free to return to the U.K., where they're left in peace to plot further Mohammedan mayhem. How many of these head-chopping maniacs are there? No one seems to know, some place the figure at 850.

Well that's alright then. A mere 800 or so crazed Muslims who fought for ISIS are alive and well and building up a head of murderous steam in the United Kingdom. What happens when they decide to go Allah and cook-off? More candlelit vigils, John Lennon songs and people dead, obviously.

Then there's the 3000 Muslims of "special interest" and a further 20,000 Muslims of "some interest," interest being the intent to kill, murder, maim and terrorize the people they hate, namely anyone that isn't part of their brand of pure Islam.

A Jackass

So what's the response, how to deal with the threat? Well that's easy, first you tell yourself it isn't a threat, then you remind the world that it's nothing to do with Islam as you chalk up a peace sign while laying flowers on a coexist placard, all to the tune of Imagine. And then you convert to Islam.

Or, and this is a solution favored by veteran members of the intelligence community, you hold DrawMo (Draw Mohammed) competitions across the country. When the Jihad inevitably arrives you shoot them. Problem? Solution.

On the other hand, simply removing the known "special interest" group with special expedition might work too, to say nothing of those 20,000 "some interest" jihadis-in-potential.

Perhaps that sounds callous but consider the alternative. A massive backlash against all Muslims regardless, and devil take the hindmost. Europe's proven itself more than capable of that course of action and it grows closer with every Islamic outrage that's perpetrated under the gaze of Lennonist muticulturalism.

Remember this, too. Pretty much everything the progressive left proposes, produces the exact opposite of its intended result. 

Apply that to the calculus of candlelit vigils, John Lennon and Jihad. But in the meanwhile...

ISIS laughs,



Infidel de Manahatta said...

But on the bright side, womyn and transgender priests!!!!!

Jules said...

I have no words left for what's going on. It's beggars belief. I shall continue to fight my own balcony wars .

LSP said...

Juliette, there can be one victor in the balcony wars and only one. I know this.

LSP said...

That's the best bit about it, Infidel. I'm off to check my privilege.

Anonymous said...

Terrible as it is to contemplate, of the eight dead only one was British. Isn't it odd that even in a cosmopolitan, diverse and multicultural London only one fatality was a local and he was partly south east Asian. Even the one person accidentally shot by the police was an American. This is because the Jihadis largely had a free hand until they got to Stoney Street. Stoney Street is different because of the many bars in the area, there are three very traditional British pubs close to each other and all have a reputation as football pubs. There was a major European football game on TV last Saturday and they were packed with football supporters, in addition to the tourists, market people and workers having a few pints before catching their trains. It is due to there reputation as football pubs that two of the pubs, the Wheatsheaf and the Market Porter, employ bouncers, have a plastic glasses policy and very little pavement furniture for rival supporters to throw at each other. The Black and Blue is more upmarket and is a restaurant and pub where supporters with families go to eat. The attackers tried to enter all three and failed in each case because of active resistance by ordinary English people. Millwall Roy fought alone at the Black and Blue, at the Market Porter they drove them off when the entire pub pelted the attackers with glasses and chairs at the Market Porter and Ozzie the Pentecostalist bouncer and Geoff the martial artist held the line at the Wheatsheaf. Also a mixed unarmed police and locals counter attack was about to be launched when the Armed Response Team arrived and shot the attackers dead.
There are important lessons to be learned. It is worth noting that local people engaged the attackers both individually, but also collectively when people realised what was going on. The nationality of the fatalities reveals a disparity suggesting that locals had an advantage over non-nationals possibly because knife crime is common in London and locals knew how to react, coupled with the 'rabbit in the headlights' response of some tourists who do not understand what is occurring. Aggressive and rigorous action thwarted the attackers again and again in Stoney Street and this cost the attackers precious time enabling the Police {directed to the location by a local} to engage the targets. Yes it was a terrible event. However, the lesson the locals are taking away is do not trust the Muslims, look to yourselves and in a similar situation: attack! attack! attack!
There is an election today. Most of the country will vote Conservative, but places like London and Manchester will continue to vote Labour despite everything that has happen. Crazy isn't it.

LSP said...

Thanks for the breakdown, Anonymous. I'm a bit baffled by London's enthusiasm for a Muslim Mayor... perhaps everyone got fed up with Bojo's antics?

LL said...

The UK is poised to make their version of Bernie Sanders the new prime minister. That will make ISIS quake in fear...

Old NFO said...

This is the result of go along, get along, PC politics... It's always 'funny' to me how NONE of the major Islamic players in the region accept ANY refugees... They dump them all on Turkey and Europe.

G. Tingey said...

"Knife crime is common in London"
No, it isn't though the numbers have gone up recently.
BUT - we are aware - try it on the Londoners at your peril, because we'll close ranks & swamp you under - speaking as a lifelong Londoner.
Incidentally I know both "the Porter" & "The Wheatsheaf" well - perhaps the plastic glasses-policy backfired, because these areseholes would have been bloody-well "glassed" otherwise!

The "PC" comments are irrelevant, incidentally as are the "returners" notes - if only because several loonies have gone to Syria (etc) & come back telling anyone who will listen ( INCLUDING the security services, cough) that - as the rest of us knew already - that Da'esh are fucking nutters, & what did you want to know.

G. Tingey said...

I'm a lifelong Londoner
For reference, my wife SAW THE FLASH & felt the pressure-wave of the Aldgate 7/7/05 bomb @ Aldgate ...
London is still far safer than New York.
Comparison HERE:

There has been a slight uptick in knife-relate crime - but MetPlod are on to it.

As for the islamist Nazis, we will do what we always do - close ranks & swarm them under.

Miss Hill said...

But this is the religion of peace. It's dripping from their hands and axes.

LSP said...

"close ranks and swarm them under" -- right on, Tingey. As for New York... I'll take London any day.

LSP said...

Peace is their hallmark, Miss Hill.