Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Laughing My #Ossoff

Have you noticed how libs are so very sure of themselves, how they're so smugly settled science on the right side of history and anyone who disagrees with them is really kind of stupid? 

Like, you ignorant farmer, don't you understand that paying higher taxes and getting rid of national borders is going to make you richer and our country stronger? I mean to say, how dumb can you get, flyover people. And no, you're not invited to our Chappaqua dinner party.


Leaving aside the insanity, there's an overweening pride in this spirit of condescension that matastasizes into hubris. We saw this in the last election; Hillary was so obviously, so without doubt going to win that even the thought of standing against her was laughable. Then she lost and lost hard.

Same again in Montana. Trump was so self-evidently wrong that the Democrats had to win, such a no-brainer, right? Except that it wasn't and the Democrats were body-slammed, despite a Guardian reporter whining about her glasses getting broken. But that was Montana, where all the fascist ranchers live, so maybe the race wasn't fair from the get-go. Next time, in Georgia, it'd be different.

Now We're Going To Win!

Georgia's 6th District was going to be a turning point, an oh so clear-cut referendum on the evil stupidity of the Trump Administration. Just to make sure voters went with the who-could-ever-doubt-it, right in every way Democrats, millionaire socialists poured $24 million into Ossoff's campaign, making it the most expensive congressional race in history. They had to win, Ossoff was going to be the Trump Slayer.

A Typical Rich Socialist 

Then he lost. Who knows, perhaps people don't like being condescended to by bi-coastal elite millionaire socialists. Perhaps they're ignorant enough to think that having a border makes sense if you're going to have a country and that paying less tax puts more money in your pocket. 

Who knows, maybe the people of Georgia are so invincibly, stupidly racist that they think transgender bathrooms aren't the burning civil rights issue of our time. It's all a great $24 million mystery.

In the meanwhile, I'm with "sewer rat barbie," Kellyanne Conway.

Laughing my #Ossoff.



Jules said...

Everybody stop for a minute, despite digesting this excellently written post and let's pay homage to the awesome title.
Ten out of ten and #BiggerBloggerGlory for that alone, LSP.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Locked and Loaded!

LL said...

Awesome title.

But Ossoff is a Russian name. Did the Republicans plant him (a Russian) there as part of a larger illuminati plot to win the election? Ask Putin.

LSP said...

Thanks, Jules. Nothing quite like laughing your #Ossoff; good work, Kellyanne.

LSP said...

Weapons hot, Anonymous.

LSP said...

LL, Russian Ossoff is clearly a Kremlin plant, put there by Moscow's puppets in the GOP. The Democrats were in reality running WITHOUT a candidate.

Putin is fiendishly clever.

drjim said...

Damn those pesky Rooskies!

LSP said...

They get everywhere, drjim...