Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Yes, you got that right, it's the Solstice, the longest day of the year, a day when hippies come out to play and sing. 

In England that means dusting off the antlers, putting on your unicorn mask and heading off to The Stones for mysticke revelry. 

Keep it Clean, Hippies

If you're a top-level hippy, you can even dress up like a druid wizard. All good, harmless fun, eh?

Face Painting

Sure it is, until you wake up from a crazed body painting session and discover someone's ripped off your giro, leaving you possessed by a Special Brew demon.

The Magic Of The Stones

Here at the Compound we're not marking the Solstice by travelling to Austin's famous fiberglass stone circle, much less its superior English forbear, heck, we didn't even make it to Burning Man. But we are saying this.

Hose Them Down

If you meet the hippy on the road, hose it down, AR15 optional.

Love and Peace,



LL said...

Yeah... I forgot to celebrate. High noon has passed, the big moment was missed. Then again, I've never been able to enjoy myself without the odd shower, razor, and change of clean clothes. I was never meant to be a hippie.

However thanks for showing me what I missed this year.

LSP said...

Win some, lose some, LL. But part of me thinks that a foray to Burning Man might be fun, in a kind of flying column.

As an aside, I enjoyed rereading Solstice and Equinox in Austin. There's a book in that?

Mattexian said...

Longest day of the year, I spent a good chunk of it at work, and them it was overcast from the approaching storm. No worries tho, only a Category One, right?

Adrienne said...

You manage to pack so much into so few words, LSP. A true gift. I thought hippies were nasty when they first sprung upon the scene. Nope, no, and nada. I like my makeup, hairdo, and high heels too much to ever want to be a hippie. As a matter of fact, I plan on purchasing a pair of Ivanka's 4" pair of heels to wear to church.

LindaG said...

Are we enjoying our rain? Not sure if it has reached you yet, Parson.

Oh, and we are watching the Demoncrats - in the person of Schumer - lie and lie again about health care. Ug.

Have a blessed day and stay dry!

LSP said...

Be careful, Mattexian...

LSP said...

Thanks, Adrienne. Congrats on the Ivankas!

LSP said...

It keeps threatening to rain, Linda, but hasn't. Wish it would.