Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dolezal Blackface

Rachel Dolezal was a white girl from Montana before she became an African American civil rights hero for the NAACP. Her brother says she's been living in "blackface," and thinks that's demeaning to real African Americans.

There's Blackface

But in fairness to Ms. Dolezal, there's a long tradition of white people pretending to be black. The Selous Scouts were keen on "blacking up" in the Rhodesian Bush War, for example. Like Dolezal, they infiltrated black communities with surprising success. The same goes for white irregulars in the Kenyan Mau Mau rebellion.

And There's Blackface

I've always been a bit baffled by the inability of the terrorists to detect the blackfaced imposters, but the ruse seems to have worked, and worked well.

Bush War

It did for Rachel Dolezal, up until recently. Rumors abound that the unfortunate trans race champion has hired lawyers. Surely she should be given an award for courage.

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LL said...

Rachael is a true American hero who is trans-racial. I'm sure that negroes across America are thrilled that she became one of them, suffered with them, shared their struggles and is teaching that to others at the university.

LSP said...

Does Rachel prove that race is a construct? Or that the NAACP is full of hucksters and frauds?

I'm inclined towards the latter.

Adrienne said...

The NAACP has always been full of hucksters and frauds.

If Bruce can be Caitlyn, why can't Rachael be black?

Since I'm spitting distance from Spokane, the whole thing makes me cringe.

LSP said...

Good point, Adrienne. Sorry you live so close to Spokane, that must be difficult.

LL said...

Adrienne is close to ground zero on this.

Austin -- well why wouldn't a white woman become a black NAACP president in Austin? But Spokane?

Adrienne said...

LL and LSP - We have so few blacks up here that we need to invent them in order to feel diverse.

Brighid said...

Where the heck do these people come from? Is it some twisted sense that their self esteem is so needy as to need to do this sort of thing? Then again they are being promoted by social & news media...

infidel de manahatta said...

It's the guilt from living a white privilege lifestyle. Many whites can't handle it and year to be oppressed.