Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Mighty Brazos

After Mass this morning, I checked out the Brazos below lake Whitney. Normally the river is very low and quiet at this point, but today it was a mighty flood in full stream.

A large part of me thinks it'd be neat to take a kayak into the current and go for an adventure, but for that I'd need a kayak. Perhaps I should get one.

I guess we can blame our old enemy, Global Warming Climate Change, or The Weather, for the flooded river.

This put me in mind of fire and movement as I walked back to my truck. Where would you put your gun group, LSP? I asked myself, while considering various skirmishing options and cover. No easy task; after all, you never know when and where The Weather will strike.

I noticed a "no firearms allowed" sign as I weighed up potential tactical threats and opportunities. That made no sense to me at all.

Happy Flag Day,



LL said...

You can rent kayaks...

Brig said...

Kayaks are great fun. Where was the no firearms sign? I haven't ever seen one, I must be too far North...