Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Snake Boots

Thanks to Tropical Storm Bill, Texas is underwater, so wearing the right kind of boots is important. Here's LL's advice, via Virtual Mirage:

LSP: All of those boots look pretty neat, but which ones are the most waterproof? Most of the state is underwater now, so it's worth considering.

LL: And snake proof. I'm sure that it's a water moccasin's and cottonmouth's picnic out there as they're swimming between the homes. Wear the sandal boots and roll the dice...

Typical Sandal Boots

One of the church people here shot 20 snakes the other day at one of his tanks. I do not know if he was wearing sandal boots or not.

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LL said...

Snakes will flourish, gators will move farther inland and lay eggs, etc. as Texas becomes euphemistic for Atlantis.