Friday, June 5, 2015

Boot Review: Ariat Brown Bombers

I'm not a boot technologist, unlike some of my friends, but I do like Ariat Brown Bombers (Heritage Crepe Sole). They're a sturdy pair of boots and I'm on my second pair in 8 years. Why a second pair? Because I gave the first ones away to a needy cause and liked them, so I bought a duplicate set.

They're good boots for riding, with a sole that grips the stirrup, while it still has Ariat's proprietary Duratread, and a heel that's designed to accept spurs. The boots also feature special "ATS technology" that "includes a forked shank, Gel cushioned forefoot & heel strike zone," and "a moisture wicking sock liner." 

I'm not quite sure what all that means, but the Bombers seem to give good enough support. They're sturdy, too, with a double stitched welt and good leather. I also like the saddle vamp and feel it gives extra protection; perhaps it does.

I've worn the Bombers riding, hunting, fishing, walking around London's East End, visiting the flock, at the range and, well, just about everywhere. So what's the verdict?

The Ariat Brown Bomber Heritage Crepe Sole is a good all 'round boot. It's not a fancy pants, Ivy League hotshot boot but it doesn't pretend to be, it's more of a working boot than a Highland Park cocktail hour boot. 

How much do they cost? Around $160. Will they fall apart? Mine haven't. Are they waterproof? If you put a lot of mink oil on them, yes. What do you think of Ariat's ATS technology? If I knew what it was I'd tell you. Would you recommend them to a friend? Sure, if they liked crepe soled, working, cowboy boots with a saddle vamp and a roper toe. Are they tactical? I'd have thought that was obvious. Are they liturgical? Not especially.

Go ahead and get some Ariat Brown Bombers, if you're in the market for a working cowboy boot. I've had over three years use out of this pair and look forward to many more.

Boots on the ground,



LL said...

How do they work on a motorcycle? You need to find out and let me know...

LSP said...

I think they'd work on a motorcycle, as well as any cowboy boot... my only reservation would be the crepe sole -- you might want to reinforce it with steel, for the sparks effect as you ride by biker bars in Waco.

Brighid said...

I've always liked the roper toe best. Not those dang J toed or now the wide square toed boots. I prefer taller shafts as I ride with my legs, and the short shafts tend to rub.
I do use Sno-seal on my boots, no mink oil(processed pork fat) as it softens the fibers.
Your boots look like they work for you and that's the important thing.

LSP said...

Must ride more... and will check out the Sno-Seal (mink oils by accident more than anything else).

Cory R. Wall said...

I don't know much about bikes, but those boots sure do look cool. It's great to see someone so passionate about something. Great blog. Keep it up.

Cory Wall |

LSP said...

Thanks, Cory.

God bless.