Monday, September 17, 2012

I Love dove Hunting

first birds in

Sunday evening seems to be turning into Dove Hunt Evening, which is just fine by me. It was raining this time and I wondered if the birds would be flying but didn't much care because getting out in the field with guns is fine as it is. Still, I wanted to shoot some of the avian acrobats.

two gun shoot

With that in mind, there seems to be a general consensus that dove don't much like a cold front and fly before it, the trick being to catch them them as they do. Not much chance of that, I thought, because Texas had changed to "Wales in summer" weather conditions, with rain and drizzle for the best part of a week. 

find the bird, yo.

But I needn't have worried; as soon as we parked the vehicles and loaded the guns, birds started flying like fury out of the trees where they'd been taking cover from the rain. GWB made short work of three with his old-school Browning 20 gauge. I let off a veritable flak barrage with a Mossberg 12 pump... and missed! Useless. I'd forgotten to concentrate in the right out of the gate excitement of the thing.

all hail the new truck!

So that was good and goes to show that just because it's raining you can't get out and hunt dove; we settled down on a treeline and got several more as the evening progressed and I'd like to think I redeemed myself with a decent, aimed this time, long shot or two.

Dove's in the freezer now, waiting for next Sunday and the grill and more birds... hopefully.

 I love dove hunting,



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