Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michelle Obama - Now I Can Be Proud Of America

Michelle just told the nation that her husband, Barack Hussein Obama:

Keeps getting up with courage and wisdom, with patience and grace.

Really? And what's with all the spindoctor appeal at the DNC to religious values, from the, er, abortion party that's launched the most aggressive campaign against the catholic church, ever. In the U.S.

Is anyone fooled? For that matter, why has H.E. Dolan agreed to bless this atheistical hoedown? 

Beats me, 



Julie Culshaw said...

That picture of the child is perfect. As for Dolan, he thinks his Irish charm will keep him in with everybody. Hasn't worked in the past, and won't work now. If he wishes to show himself as bi-partisan, he should not go to any of the conventions. I can't trust his slimy behaviour.

Adrienne said...

Beats me, too...

Infidel de Manahatta said...

What amazes me is that President Obama (hereinafter referred to as "He who walks among us on Earth") will get the majority of the Catholic vote.

Old habits die hard I guess. Like religious freedom.

LSP said...

I agree, Julie, Irish charm just isn't going to cut it with the Sangerites.

And with you, Adrienne, I'm at a loss. Just what is it he's blessing? The Democrat attempt to wipe the Church out of education and healthcare?

Too right, Infidel.

the Egyptian said...

If you heard Dolans remarks, he kinda pee'd them off, sometimes the shepherd is required to go into the lions den, speak the truth to them, and pray for them, the twitter comments during and afterwards show he hit a nerve, totally vile comments including "bulls--t from that hateful religion run by queers that treats women like cattle", I think he hit a nerve. As a Catholic and a fan of this blog I think it was the right thing to do

LSP said...

Good shepherd point, Egyptian; my fear was that he might appear to be endorsing, even tangentially or unintentionally, a party that's fast becoming an aggressive enemy of the church. If that's not the case, then well and good, but if it is... well, another matter again.

Glad you like the blog!