Sunday, September 2, 2012

Opening Day

For the last two years I've sadly missed the action on Opening Day and had to console myself with the sound of the guns going off, echoing around the town. But this year was different and I was able to take the LSP youth brigade on their first dove hunt.

We got out in the field early evening and rambled about the treelines scouting for birds; sure enough, one flew straight at us, an easy shot, which I missed! Disaster, LSP. Next time was better, a bird went down and I showed the kids how to clean it. They liked that, but not before we spotted multiple birds flying by down-field; too late! They were gone and we were in the wrong place.

So I retired to the tailgate and let the eldest go off into a large, empty, adjacent field. He fired our last 3 rounds against three high flyers. Ten out of ten for keenness but they were out of range, unlike the two enormous dove that floated over the truck... 

Well, they lived to fly again another day and we headed for home and a small taste of dove breast wrapped in bacon. Delicious, and hugely exciting for the kids. Their first hunt and something to show for it.

I love getting out in the field, even if it is 105 in the shade.

Keep pulling the trigger,



Silverfiddle said...

Wow. 105 on the first day of dove season. Just doesn't seem right...

My son and I are looking forward to some pheasant hunting later in the year.

LSP said...

105's pretty relentless. Still, worth it for some shots against the birds.

Good luck with the pheasants.