Sunday, September 23, 2012

Modern Art, Some Kind of Joke?

Aluminium Road

It's not all about guns and horses in LSPland. There's church, obviously, and trucks. But let's not forget Art and a sister that drove me away from the sensible task of weapons cleaning to visit something called the Nasher, which is a kind of modern art museum in Dallas.

sister playing about in the art

Off we went and there was modern art in all its glory. I especially liked "Aluminium Road" which evidently "captured the essence and quality of road" in a series of cast aluminium ingots placed stairwise, as though ascending to something that wasn't defined. Who knows, we ask, where the "stair" will take us as life's road climbs higher into the ineffable Other.

Such rubbish..

So here's a picture of some Selous Scouts to set things right.


Dove hunting later followed by birds on the grill and some rabbit.

God bless,



contemporary art said...

The art looks really modern and funny. Pictures are looking nice but I've seen even more amazing art work of this newly started modern art work which was also fantastic.

Chas Clifton said...

So that's what dove hunting in Texas looks like?

(Joke. I know about the Selous Scouts.)

LSP said...

it's a hard life in the Texan bush, Chas...