Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

It being Labor Day, I got all Soviet and went to the pool, then took a well deserved nap. Burgers later but first, speaking of Soviets, why is it that so many local Dallas leftists think they'll be better off if they have to pay more taxes?

I hear this a lot when I drive North to DFW where all the leftist hipsters live. 

"We should pay more taxes, LSP."
"Because we'll all, like, benefit."
"So you'll be richer?
"But you'll have less money to spend on 'artisanal' cheese and wine, stupid."

good call
Less tax, less government, more guns. That's what I say.

Happy Labor Day,



G. Tingey said...

Actually, you are both wrong.
Your taxes are being very badly spent.

A better direction of the monies collected would be a much better option.

Silverfiddle said...

Every year we're subjected to that same tired "thank unions" litany about days off, overtime, higher pay, etc.

It gobstops the lefties when you invite a comparison between the unionized rust belt and the non-union south.

Which is more worker friendly?

LSP said...

"very badly spent" -- I agree with that, GT. But perhaps you remember the old Poll Tax slogan: "Can't pay, won't pay." I like that too.

Less government, please.

LSP said...

Good call, Silverfiddle, and if people don't get it, you can always point them to Detroit...