Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Place To Ride Ordinariate

There's evidently this rural myth doing the rounds of Malone about some man who walked his horse 20 miles just so he could find a new place to ride...

With that in mind, and with the caveat that the myth won't be repeated, I'm happy with the place. A good mixture of dirt road and large fields to move around in; I'd say the variation is good for the horse's mind. Doesn't do the rider any harm either.

the space is deep
In other news, Cardinal Wuerl looks set to make an important announcement about the Ordinariate in CONUS. This is Benedict XVI's arrangement for Anglican clergy and people to convert to Rome while keeping elements of their liturgical and pastoral tradition. It also allows the former Anglicans a degree of permanence and self-governance, which was perhaps lacking under the Pastoral Provision.

where's that dik-mik?
Several friends have suggested that I join the Ordinariate and I'm very sympathetic. But I'm not about to abandon Bishop Iker and my Missions while we're being sued for all we're worth by the Pelosionite followers of Inclusivechurch. I think that would be disloyal.

Perhaps as a nod in the right direction I should rename the horse -- "Ordinariate" has a certain ring for a Thoroughbred.

Stay in the saddle,



bishedwin said...

You'll find plenty of space to ride in the Ordinariate. I can well understand why your loyalty to Bp Iker makes a move impossible at the moment, but Anglicanorum Coetibus is open ended and the day will come for you and for Bishop Jack when you'll want to knock on the door. When you do the welcome, I promise you, will be enormous. God bless.

LSP said...

Thank you for your kind words -- they mean a very great deal to me.

I'll resist the temptation to ramble on about 'steeplechases' etc.

Do keep +JLI + the diocese in your prayers; difficult times right now, as of course you know.

The libs don't get any better...

Third News said...

Whilst conversion is a personal choice, If you contemplated on your own noology would you conclude loyalty was your only barrier?

In your heart, If Roman Catholicism, and Anglicanism were equal, your allegiance to Bp Iker would be moot. Perhaps you are relying on fideism alone?

You have led, people have followed, and for that reason alone, Is it not a religious man’s duty analyze decisions from not only his own POV?

Factually, the Catholic Church has welcomed Anglican priests, but truthfully it is to the detriment of their 'full communion' priests, who have sacrificed sexuality, and man’s nature to have a life companion.

Does the Catholic Church believe that Anglicanism is equal to their faith? No, but they were willing to compromise with an Orweillian lesson in equality for a ‘Hail Mary' pass on a dying profession. (Reminds me of another church).

I’ve just read that Pope Francis may sublate the celibatarian reality, because the truth is, there isn’t enough Anglican priest to fill the job vacancies.

If you are predictive, and the TEC self-destructs, they will look for sequacious men, and the breakaway churches will be their natural source. How sad for the many who have grown up in the Anglican church will not have any leaders to answer.

LSP said...

I'd be surprised if TEC self-destructs, more of a matter of sinking into its own muesli.